Dandy Nappy Cloth Diaper Giveaway

We started our cloth diaper journey quite late into my daughter’s toddler life. She started wearing cloth diapers a few days before her 3rd birthday, that’s 9 months ago (she still wears them at night until now…shhhh hahaha) Even so, I have saved around Php10,000 already from those 9 months alone. How much more if we started earlier?

Reasons Why We Love Cloth Diapers

You see, cloth diapers are amazing and should I have known earlier that there were awesome yet affordable brands like Dandy Nappy available locally, I would have tried using them on Lana when she was much younger.

If somebody asks me now why I’d choose cloth over sposies in a heartbeat? I’d gladly tell her these things:

Reasons Why We Love Cloth Diapers

By using cloth, you are actually doing something good for the environment. In the United States alone, 18 billion used sposies are produced annually. Shocking numbers, but this is reality! Used diapers sit in landfills for about 200 years or so, imagine?!?

At an average, Lana uses 6 of sposies each day, totaling to 2,190 per year. And how much each one costs again? Some costs P40, the cheapest we used was P10. So let’s say at P10, total would be P21,900 right? Holy guacamole! Lots of cash went into the drain, or should I say, landfill?

Here’s a good comparison table by Mommy Michelle:


Rash-free Bums
Lana’s bum is so sensitive that it needed Vandol after each diaper change. Everything has changed after we switched to cloth, no more diaper rash since then. Disposables are just so full of unnecessary chemicals which are causing these rashes.

Trendy and Cute
Cloth diapers are trendy and available in all sort of cute prints and types. Dandy Nappy has a lot of good prints to choose from and choosing the best can be very overwhelming! When it comes to brands,  I suggest trying a few brands first before choosing the best one for you.

They’re inexpensive
Cloth diapers come in various types and each has a corresponding price tag. The cheapest we bought so far was P190 (bulk price). Prices could go as high as 4000 for a diaper, crazy! But guess what, there is a market for that super duper expensive cloth. I personally don’t believe that one has to spend so much on cloth diapers, a stash or 30 will do. Beyond that, it’s a luxury, which I personally think defeats the purpose of using cloth diapers to “save money”. But then again, to each his own. If you can afford it, splurge!

They Have Resale Value
Wash your diapers well and you can sell them for at least 50% of their original price, even higher.

Still not convinced? Why not give it a try? Join my giveaway!


  • Contest runs from June 1 – 8
  • The winner’s name will be announced on Monday, June 8 2PM
  • Open nationwide

Dandy Nappy Cloth Diapers  Giveaway

Dandy Nappy and I are are giving away the 3 diapers below to 1 lucky mom! These are all All-in-One (AIO) cloth diapers, the same type of cloth diapers Lana is using until now. We love these AIOs because they’re easy to put on and lasts overnight. Some say that washing can be a problem with AIOs, of course not! Wash it just like how you wash other types of cloth diapers. Got stains? The sun is your best friend! I can no longer count how many times I’ve sun dried our Dandy Nappy AIOs yet its colors stay bright and the sewed inserts are still white.

all in one diapers

ALL-IN-ONE (aio) cloth diaper. The easiest diapers to use! No more stuffing and folding! Just put on baby and go! Great feature: 2 inserts are stitched inside, giving you 2 options. Lay the staydry insert on top so baby stays dry, or lay the bamboo cotton jersey insert on top for babies with sensitive skin. Total of 6 layers of super absorbent fabric! Great for heavy wetters and night time use!

Dandy Nappy Cloth Diapers  3 Dandy Nappy Cloth Diapers 1 Dandy Nappy Cloth Diapers  2

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: Product samples for giveaway were provided for free by Dandy Nappy, but all thoughts given in this post are all mine. I was not compensated in any way to promote Dandy Nappy.


WAHM Daily: Starting Over Again


downloadA few days ago, just when I was dealing with a broken wallet, weekend orders, and an unreliable DSL connection, I realized that my kids’ website http://www.cameraprincess.com was nowhere to be found.deleted website, how to recover



After talking to a rep from my hosting company, it dawned on me that the blog is REALLY gone, along with 7 years of milestones, stories, events, and homeschool posts. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

So how did it vanish? They told me that their backup of May 11, 2014 no longer include the website, meaning, it got deleted before that. Too bad that their backup supersedes the previous backups so should I have checked that it was missing BEFORE May 11, 2015, there was a huge chance of it getting restored.

Who deleted it? Were there any chances of sabotage? Their system says no, all logins that came in were from me. So…it dawned on me (again!) that I probably deleted it by accident. I counted the days and it could have been deleted first week of May — a time when I was so absorbed in my own little drama, feeling depressed like it was my first time to be eaten by a serious financial problem. THERE.

The lesson here? NEVER tweak your cPanel when you’re depressed and to ALWAYS, ALWAYS BACKUP. 

How Can I Recover It? I was given two options: restore the backups from February 15, 2010 or the one from May 19, 2015. Neither. Both are useless.

So here I am, gathering everything that I could from cached pages and slowly re-building the website. It is time consuming, tedious and frustrating, but there is a reason behind all these. MAYBE, the website really needed some facelift (sana na download ko man lang ang XML di ba?), or MAYBE, it was a way to get rid of all those links that the website has accumulated over the years.

Whatever the reason is, isa lang masasabi ko: “ANG HARSH MO!”

Review: Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++

Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++

Hi there!

Our friends from Belo Beauty provided us a bottle of Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++ for review. I am currently reviewing another brand, but I am very hesitant in using it on my kids, fearful that it might irritate their sensitive skin. The offer to review the new Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++ came just in time because we were bound to go swimming forour 15th anniversary!Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++


Now let’s do the review the formal way:

Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++


Product Name: Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF50 PA+++
Size: 140ml
Price: Php539.75

Details and Claims

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Paraben-free
  • Specially formulated for even the most sensitive skin

Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray is a sunscreen that is gentle enough for kids yet effective and strong enough to protect everyone in the family.

Due to children’s thin and sensitive skin, they require more sun protection.  Studies have shown that sun damage in early childhood increases the potential risk of skin cancer in later years.  As such, this specially formulated ultragentle sunscreen provides children with effective broad spectrum protection against harmful UV rays with SPF 50 and PA+++. Its Cell Protect® formula strengthens the skin’s defense system and actively prevents accelerated premature skin aging.

  • Specially formulated for the most sensitive skin – safe even for children
  • Sunscreen for the face and body
  • Provides broad-spectrum UV protection with SPF 50 and PA+++
  • Prevents accelerated premature skin aging with Cell Protect®
  • Paraben-free
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight and non-sticky.
  • Immediate effectivity. Works as soon as you apply it.
  • Quick absorbing
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested

What It Contains


Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++ ingredients


Every day exposure to the sun, even to indoor UV rays from computers and fluorescent is already harmful to our skin, especially to little ones this is why as early as now, I ensure that their skin is protected from harmful UV rays.

Scorching heat greeted us when we arrived at the beach resort, around 9:30am. They immediately surveyed the beach front, eyeing possible locations where they can freely swim or play with sand. I am very OC when it comes to their skin, ang hirap ng may sun burn no?

30 mins before swim time, I already sprayed Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 on their skin.

Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++ kids

One thing I noticed: the Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 was not sticky!  In spite of its light coverage feel, it protects well against sun burn. They stayed under the scorching sun from 9:30am to 2:00pm but surprisingly, NO SUN BURN or any skin irritations 2 days after!

Both girls are fair skinned, but they react quite differently to sunburn: Yona turns beet red while Lana turns brown. This time, I didn’t notice ANY discoloration at all. Yey!

Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++ ingredients


  • We were not paid to do this review.
  • The review was based on our personal opinion on the Belo Sunexpert Ultra Gentle Sheer Spray SPF 50 PA+++ and we only shared our personal perspective on the said product here on Cameraprincess.com.

Back Post from April 1, 2012: Lana’s First Ever Earth Hour Experience

It’s probably a first with Yona, but it’s Lana’s first Earth Hour.

After our tiring but uber life-changing trip to Naic and Dasma, Cavite yesterday with the World Vision Hunger Fighters, I was planning to hit the sack early. So timely, because it’s the time of the year again when people are encouraged to turn off their lights to at least lessen the power consumption for one hour.

We observe this every year and it has always been with Yona, but since she was with her cousins this time, I spent it with Lana. She is too young to understand the purpose of Earth Hour, but there is nothing wrong in letting her experience an evening without lights :)

Lana didn’t mind the darkness, she was just crawling and crawling on the bed and slept when she felt sleepy :)

You too can join Earth Hour even if you have babies! Just make sure that they are safe by bringing them to a room safe from mosquitoes :) (oh yes we do turn our electric fans off during Earth Hour!)

Also, ensure that they don’t play with the candles or other sources of light that you are using. Think about safety all the time. Some parents let their kids play with their favorite toys. Bigger kids are brought outside to enjoy the moon and the stars, we did this with Yona years ago and it was so fun – she didn’t want to go back inside anymore LOL

How about you, did you participate in yesterday’s Earth Hour?

Back Post from June 3, 2013: Lana is Turning 9 Months!

My dear Wreckless Lana is turning 9 months tomorrow. She’s indeed growing up so fast!

And yes, like what I had expected, she is so unlike her sister — who has gotten most of her physical features and attributes from her dad. Lana got everything from me. She looks a lot like me, her built and even her dimples. She got my eyebrows and that intimidating tiger look LOL

Unlike Yona who loves television, Baby Einstein, to be exact, Lana is the type of baby who favors Christmas lights led white wire, plugs and everything dangerous!

I wonder what to expect in the coming months? Hmmm…let’s see

Back Post from April 22, 2012: Lana at 7 Months

qq photo20140425155524_副本(1)While researching about something online, I came across something in Baby Center — baby’s progress chart.

I am so done with baby comparison issues so I rarely check this site anymore. I could see naman na Lana is progressing very well, she is a happy baby, doesn’t get sick and her eating is normal so I see no point in comparing her with other kids.

But lately, at a little over 7 months, we noticed that Lana can already stand on her crib.

That got me interested in checking the baby progress chart. I was surprised to see that most 8-month old babies still couldn’t stand on their cribs! That makes Lana advanced in this department. Right now, she is still babbling stage, no particular words yet, eats a lot, no teeth yet, experiences separation anxiety and she could drink water in a cup.

Indeed, Lana is becoming more and more like me: active and strong-willed — she has my physical features, too!

WAHM DAILY: What I do When I Become Completely Overwhelmed

overwhelmed mom

Mother’s Day wasn’t a bliss at all. We had cake orders (thank you, Lord! your grace is always on time) and I still had work to finish before Monday. Add the fact that it was supposed to be a special day for mothers, I was there baking and working at the same time. Eh di ako na ang busy!

At least the weekend ended well with an early dinner at our fave Mexican resto in Mactan Newtown, plus there were other blessings to count: good feedback from our 2 clients that day, notice of additional workload, etc.

overwhelmed mom mothers day

I was dead tired that I slept before 8PM and woke up at 2AM to work again.

The whole weekend up until now, everything is still overwhelming. We had overdue loans to deal with and tons of work/business-related issues that won’t seem to cease from existing. I was at home the whole time, either cramming with tasks or sleeping because I was too tired to think about anything.

They say that the Lord will not let you handle your problems alone so He gave me a good husband for company. Marcelle was there, patiently answering texts and PMs that I never want to see and screening calls that I never want to hear. He played as my PA the whole time and it helped a lot. I felt sorry for him for absorbing all the bad energies, but I know that he could handle the job well.

This is the problem with being an empath, I can feel the emotions of people toward me kahit gaano sila kalayo. And those freaking emotions weren’t doing me any good.

What I do When I Become Completely Overwhelmed

Mommies who go through so much right now, try to take that much-needed sleep. You need that, we all need that 8-hour sleep or that undisturbed late morning/afternoon nap so we are ready to face another battle again. It is a fact that one cannot think well if he or she is tired, so sleep. It might not solve your problems, but neither the sleep-deprived, cranky you.

It is also important to shut ourselves out from the virtual world from time to time. It helped me a lot. Now I understand why some people prefer not to use the social media — the daily rants and raves in your news feed is overwhelming! We certainly don’t need that much information AKA clutter in our daily lives.

Finally, PRAY. Although it is unfair to the Lord if we give Him all our burdens, it will give us peace.

Psalm 55:22 Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.


WAHM DAILY: Surviving with Very Little Sleep


Very little sleep is the least of my complaints. I still have financial issues to deal with, PLUS my achy hands. Uhm hello, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I never really planned in getting online work after I resigned from my last employer, but circumstances pushed me to embrace this life again. If I remember it right, I resigned around September or October because of several reasons, including:

  1. my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  2. the time I was required to fill (10pm – 2am was TOO much for me!)
  3. we were already planning and packing for Cebu

That time, I was only working part-time with 1 client. Part-time but I was with them for several years already, I just couldn’t work full time because my then 2-year old was clingy as ever.

Fast forward, April 2015. I found myself logging in again after several months. I was battling depression because of financial issues and it was like the Lord was guiding me because just after several hours of being online, 5 employers reached out to me. Wow. Just wow. After 24 hours, I got shortlisted by 7 employers and 4 of them hired me. Another wow. It somehow boosted my confidence and raised my hopes high. That quick turnaround of things has never happened before.

So now, I am currently serving 4 employers: 1 full time and the rest part time (80 hours per week).


P.S. How I wish I look THIS GOOD upon waking up.

Now going back to that sleep… I have a very flexible schedule, but I normally work from 2am – 10am then nap, and work again after lunch until about late afternoon. The kids are with me while I work in the dining table or in the bed. Evenings are spent reading emails and answering calls from clients.

Bed time is strictly 10PM – 2AM. 4 glorious hours. Insert INTIMATE there to make everything perfect.

Now, am I being lucky? Maybe. But I know God answered my prayer.


I know that it could get kind of boring in the long run but what’s important is we are earning at the same time, we are with the kids. Another good thing about working from home and when you say home, you mean “in an island”, and the nearest mall is like 15 kilometers away, you save a lot.

Working from Home is part of our frugal lifestyle. It isn’t as glamorous as working in the corporate world, but the pay is obviously bigger. 😉


The Mother’s Day Present Every Busy Mom Deserves

Beautiful brunette woman on the beach alone relaxing in a hat. Summer. Outdoors. Copy space. Concept

Beautiful brunette woman on the beach alone relaxing in a hat. Summer. Outdoors. Copy space. Concept

…and it’s not just one, but a lot.


It’s 5am in the morning and I am quite late for work.

I am usually up at 2am to peacefully work on websites, articles and any other social media task that you can think of. My job requires me to think big time — something impossible to do when you have a whiny (but funny!) 3-year old and a 9-year old who needs to be constantly reminded to eat, take a bath and nap after lunch (but aside from those, she is not a pain to deal with).

Housework. I checked the kitchen, everything is in order. No dishes in the sink (hallelujah!). Do I deserve a pat on the back? No. Michelle deserves it. Michelle is a blessing, she helps us with the housework and is quite good with handling my kids.

You see, I am not the typical stay at home mom and never will I take credit for something that I didn’t do. I suck at housework, but I know where I’m good at. I work from 2am until late in the afternoon — at home. Now that’s better than leaving for regular work, right? I work even harder on weekends because that would be work + baking.

My husband has long been informed that I am not a housewife material. I couldn’t do what a typical mom should do. I can wash clothes using a washer though and keep the kids from smelling and looking awful. Does that even count?

Cooking isn’t included in my gifts. I cannot even cook my favourite dishes.

So you see, I am an imperfect mom. I can only do computer work and love my kids to bits. The guilt is there because I want to be the typical mom who knows how to serve her family well-cooked meals and not take-outs, the one who sits and read books to her kids (and not shove iPads to them so they’d stop bickering!), and of course the one who would  MANAGE the household chores. So you know, the Typical Mom — someone that I just can’t be.

Having Michelle around makes me feel guilty. It really does. The guilt drama goes on and on but without her, how can I possibly do all those work?

But hey, it’s Mother’s Day! Even the busiest moms deserve something on this special day.

  • Nap time, break time, whatever you call it. We all need it — without interruption.
  • Coffee break with friends from time to time. The mugs of coffee I consume daily simply doesn’t count. They don’t.
  • Not to worry about money. Every working mom deserves this. We really do.
  • Ballpens, notepads and notebooks. We need it.
  • Every busy mom deserves someone like our Michelle. 😉
  • Work at home moms deserve a regular time away from mothering and office responsibilities. Should we even feel guilty about it?
  • We deserve uninterrupted intimate time with our partners. Trust me, it is a must.
  • We deserve to know that we are doing great. Despite our imperfections, we are still great moms. We need that assurance.

I don’t live a perfect life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. A simple greeting, hugs and wet kiss from my kids will do.

Salute to all work at home slash super busy moms out there. Happy Mother’s Day!

Our Hardships and What It Has Taught Our Kids

Hardships Kids

Hardships and Kids

They would always say that you shouldn’t let your kids suffer from your choices. I agree, no parents should do that to their kids. Was I foolish to keep them with us while we were starting a new life here in Cebu? I guess not.

Aside from God and my ever supportive husband, the girls are my strength. Without them around, I could have gone psycho, and worse dead for that much stress. THAT MUCH STRESS, yes. It was hard to keep everything together when I was broken myself.

But here I am, writing this blog so probably I am now okay. I have bounced back, this time tougher than ever. Minsan talaga, kung makapagbigay ng leksiyon ang buhay…WAGAS.

Lesson 1: Less is More
No, the girls didn’t really suffer in the truest sense of the word. They were well fed, clothed and had a good bed to sleep in. They had the comforts of television, WiFi, tablets, car and what not. So technically, they were more than okay. Most of all, they didn’t hear us fighting or saw me break down because of too much stress. The emotional security was unwavering and I think that was more than enough.

What we temporarily removed from their day to day lives: eating out, fast food, constant malling, senseless buying of toys, overflowing supplies in the pantry. In short, we just removed the things they can live without.

This made me realize that we survived without all those things for several months because they weren’t really necessary! Those are usually perks gone mainstream because one has too much money to spend. The money that we didn’t have.

Lesson 2: Delayed Gratification
How many times did I see leftovers thrown because they were already spoiled?
How many tons of uneaten of half-eaten bread, biscuits and juices were left in the fridge?
How many toys are ignored, sitting in their respective boxes because they just have a lot of toys to play with?

My kids are blessed with so many people who love them to bits. And they get a ton of food, clothes and toys from them. So I really can’t blame them if they are not unintentionally appreciative of the things surrounding them. Sobra sobra eh.

During those trying times, they learned to appreciate what they had: the few toys they brought from Cavite, the food we had on the table, the biscuit or bread they had to share and finish (because they know that I’d go bonkers if I see unfinished food), etc.

And every time they ask to eat out, I’d tell them “Soon. When we have enough money.” I never heard any stomping, nor any of them cried because I didn’t give in. That’s a good thing, I guess.

Sharing with you a conversation Lana and I had earlier:

Me: Lana, go down, there’s Mcdonalds spaghetti there for you.
Lana: Wow!!! Mommy, you have money!
Me: Yes, just enough for that.

And she devoured her spaghetti, like it was the best spaghetti in the world.

Lesson 3: Hard Work
No work, no money.

They now understand why we can no longer rely on the bakehouse’s sales anymore. They learned to adjust just how we have adjusted.
They now know why we need to work on our computers day in and day out.
(and yes, they know that they can earn $$$ from home haha!)

If there’s one important thing I learned about this (aside from the expensive 6-figure lesson…hay!!!), is:

Hardships will always be there. We must not let that phase get in between our relationship with God, our partners and our family, for we cannot face and win the battle alone. Afterall, victories are best shared with people you love.

I hope that my kids will learn this too.

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