The Suicide Experiment


Yesterday was a typical day for us. As usual, I was just being my busy self. The kids were in the other room while I stayed at ours, enjoying the serenity of the house. I love it when they don’t bug me for a few minutes because the quiet time gives me time to think things about. I could pray and sometimes, it is the perfect moment to cry.

I was tweaking my Facebook fan pages when I came across this video. It’s like WHAM!, the topic hits close to home. No, I am not suicidal but I have my share of depressing moments. My life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies. With no fixed income and a mountain-full of financial obligations, I am always thinking how we could make both ends meet. Still, I would like to think that I am more than blessed because I only have money for a problem. This I prefer over relationship or health issues, that’s too much for me to bear.

Moving on, here is a video on suicide experiment. The great guys from fouseytube (I’m a fan LOL) has made another successful social experiment once again.

The words from the cab drivers brought so much tears in my eyes. Hagulgol to the max. And I will forever remember their encouraging words. For some, life is too much to handle. We cannot judge them. Our cross differ from other people’s crosses.

I admit that I get depressed from time to time though I was never suicidal. But just the same, I am surprised to get kind and encouraging words from people who I think would never care. They are the people in my circle who I don’t get the chance to talk to often. They just don’t know how their simple “are you okay?” made me feel better.

Recently, we lost someone to depression and eventually suicide. It was so painful that I never would want to wish it to any family. No one deserves that kind of death and no one deserves that kind of grief. The ones left behind will forever be guilty because somehow we could have helped her IF we were brave enough to break the wall she has built over the months she was struggling. We never knew and we never thought that she’d go through that. The girl was strong and a known fighter. But as they always say,


You see, people who go through so much just need someone to talk to, someone who would listen to their endless problems and someone brave enough to pull them out of that sink hole.

There is probably one in your circle who needs a tap and a simple “are you okay?” PM, tweet or DM. A note would be better.

Would you care to be that someone today?

How God Turned My Weakness into Strength


Hidden in your weaknesses are your strengths. Every weakness has a corresponding strength.

I am probably not the first person on Earth who is ecstatic about the discovery of her strength and how she can use it for God’s greater glory. But hey, I didn’t know I had this, I should celebrate it!

The past few weeks and months has been challenging for me and my husband. We faced mountain after mountain of scathing financial difficulties that I ended up feeling worthless and defeated. My EMOTIONAL SELF was eating me alive. Most of those days I cried in silence as I faced blank walls. There were just so many unanswered questions that I couldn’t answer myself, so I tried asking God.

“Why are you testing me this way, Lord?”

I have uncontrollable emotions, and more often than not, it brings me trouble. I over think things, I am very moody and sensitive. I would know how a man feels just by looking at his eyes, I easily cry. So imagine my crayola moments during these days in our lives!

I was inconsolable almost every day, sadly. I feel that I am a failure in God’s loving eyes. I bring forth trouble after trouble so felt really terrible! I never thought that I am still worthy of His love and forgiveness.

But guess what? God answered me in the most unexpected way.

I have been very vocal about our difficulties to our friends and one of them, in the name of Mauie (haha!) encouraged me to attend The Feast Cebu. I have heard so much about it but never really got interested because Hello!, me attending a prayer gathering? I contemplated for months but finally last week, April 13, I picked a little courage from my pocket and went to “the happiest place on Earth.”

Just a quick note: I have never been a church goer in my adult-life. Church is TOO MUCH for me. I pray and go to church, yes, but sitting until the mass ended made me squirmish so I would always end up praying and confessing privately and silently. I felt comfortable in the thought that my prayers go directly to Him instead of church leaders. The issues of the priests everywhere pissed me big time. Anyone here who feels the same way?

After that eventful day, I went home more than happy, I was at peace. God has answered my questions through one of the Feast’s builders, Bro. Stephen Nellas. The succeeding days were awesome — I came to realize what really was my purpose here on Earth, My husband and I came into a plan that would answer probably most of my questions regarding our daily life, business failures, etc,

I couldn’t disclose the plans yet because everything is still in the pipeline but I am so excited to finally, finally acknowledge God’s plan for us.

Did it rain money on our village for my problems to be solved? NO. They why am I happy? Because there were little miracles, miracles that saved our day to day. I praise the Lord for that. I know in time, magkakalinaw din ang lahat.

After attending this week’s prayer gathering, God has answered another question. Amazing how He knows our questions even before we ask Him. Through the talk, He showed me that there is something special in my weakness. The one negative thing that has been pulling me down in every aspect of my life has a deeper purpose. I did a quick research when I got home and learned that my being emotional is probably the reason of my burning desire to help others.

I learned that I am an EMOTIONAL EMPATH and I don’t have to consider it as a weakness but strength!

Thank you dear Lord for opening my eyes, for entrusting me this special gift. Rest assured that I will use this for a Your greater glory!

God can indeed change the course of our lives in an instant. As responsible human beings, it is just right to plan but always remember that His plans are better and always on the right track and time.


The Controversial Teenage Dance Performance in Russia

I seldom repost parenting topics from overseas because most often than not, we Filipino moms, or at least the ones that are based here, have circumstances different  from the ones abroad.

This one, however, caught my attention. It is 5:05am here and I am in the middle of baking cupcakes for today’s orders, sleepy you’d say. Pero binuhay ng video na to ang isip at diwa ko. While watching, I was like, “What the…! What kind of dance is this?”

This honey and bees themed dance performance of a teenage dance troupe in Russia has stirred, not just conservative Russia, but the entire world.

Buzzfeed report says that officials from Russia’s Investigative Committee says that they are looking into the issue and might put charges of negligence and “perverted deeds” against the people involved, particularly the dance studio and the venue. Like me, some officials in Russia think that the dance was vulgar and offensive.

Viktoria Yakovenko, the director of the dance studio, told the Moskovsky Komsomolets tabloid that the girls all had their parents’ permission to participate. Yakovensko said that she didn’t know who uploaded the video and suggested that unnamed enemies were conducting an orchestrated campaign against her. source

Just go on the internet, you’ll find much more explicit dances there, believe me. – Yakovenko

I am no longer shocked with the director’s reply. But honey, just because the internet has a vast compilation of explicit dances, doesn’t give one the right to produce one for a dance recital. Tons of TSKs for this.


Work life balance work at home moms

Work life balance work at home moms

Work/Life Balance.

Such a big word for someone, who, despite her efforts, fails big time in this department. I’ve been a WAHM for 7 years now and I still feel guilty for not spending enough time with my kids.

The work/life balance dilemma is something most work at home moms like me face every single day. We breathe work 24/7 and household management just the same. How we juggle our day to day activities is a talent not given to many. It is not easy.

I personally want to end this post with answers to the question: How do Work-at-Home-Moms feel fabulous at the end of a usual work day?

It is a fact that, naturally, woman would want to look good and feel fabulous. But how do others do it when we are covered with cereals, drowning with paper works and overwhelmed with bills every single day? I speak from personal experience: there are days that I would miss taking a shower in the morning because there are just so much to do and the society is expecting moms to think of themselves last, right?

Now the search for work/life balance begins. It is  elusive and you will not find it until you stop searching and start reflecting inward. Surprisingly, the keys in achieving this are quite simple.

Make time for yourself
It is not selfish to make time for ourselves. It is just right to stop, put everything down and do something that you really, really like from time to time. I say, “Hey hardworking woman, dress up and have coffee or dinner with friends. You deserve it!”

Sometimes, we need to leave everything behind, in order for us to function better and become whole once again. Because honestly, how can a mom work if she is stressed out, totally drained and feeling rubbish? Remember, we are not just managers to our clients but we also function as the CEOs of our respective households! Technically, we are serving two masters at the same time so we owe it to ourselves to feel and look good.

“Come on, put that paper work down and have a mani pedi!”

Ditch online competition
Online competition is real and it will eat you up if you hastily jump into chaotic mama communities. Do not get me wrong here. Most of us go online for friendly advises but often find ourselves competing with other moms in the long run. Harsh, but it is reality. We are competitive by nature, an undeniable fact.

Vaccine vs. no vaccine
Breastfeed vs. formula
Regular school vs. homeschool

The basis for competition is definitely endless. We have to accept that we are unique individuals and we should not let the choices of the community define us. What worked for them may not work for you, what their kids have may not be good on your kids.  The earlier we accept this, the better.

Accept only a job or two
When I was new to online jobs, I accepted every possible job that came my way. Sleep? What sleep? Yes, I normally had 2 hours of sleep every day because I was working on different tasks for several clients. If I remember it right, I had a full time job and 3 other part time ones. For years I was like that, jumping from one contract to another and it was financially liberating!

So why did I stop? Because I bit more than I could chew. Work was good but it ate up my entire day and night that I forgot about my growing toddler! I felt that I was being unfair to her. I left the corporate jungle because I needed to be with her yet, where was I? Working as a slave to an online corporate jungle still!

After three years, burnout ate me so I stopped and focused on other things, especially my daughter. Finances was harder but it gave me a kind of satisfaction no amount of money can compensate.

At the end of the day, assess yourself: What really are your goals?

As a working mom, I have mastered the art of multi-tasking but I always, always make it a point to reflect and see if I am achieving something at the expense of my kids. It is not acceptable. My family is my priority, and as the CEO of this house, I am paying the premium of an expensive investment: Quality Time.

Now, going back to our question: How do Work-at-Home-Moms feel fabulous at the end of a usual work day?

The thought about making myself good, not in competition with anyone and the realization that I have served both my family and clients well, bring such a feeling of personal contentment.

How I Lost Myself in Nature and Eventually Found Interim Peace

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand things better. – Albert Einstein

If I were to describe the last few weeks, I’d say EXTRA CHALLENGING. Everything was too shitty that I’d often find myself crying myself to sleep, that is if I have really slept at all. I stopped questioning God’s decisions — too tired to even do that. What I did was lift everything to Him, I was so damn tired carrying the burden that He wants me to carry. It was just too much. Not sure though if God accepted it, basta I told him that I’m done. Such a brat, right? But life has beaten me over and over again, nakakapagod.

After our short trip to Leyte, I found myself alone with the hubby during the Holy Week. “Tama lang, I have enough time to contemplate and ask for forgiveness and guidance from the Man Above.”

Good Friday. After church (wala kaming Stations of the Cross pamphlet so we just prayed.), we decided to go home immediately, but He must have other plans for that day that He guided us to this wonderful place in Agus.

While all nearby resorts were brimming with tourists, this place was surprisingly quiet, having only a few locals as visitors.

Entrance Fee: Php0.00
Kiosk Fee: Php100.00
Other Fees: Php0.00

Clean waters, white sand, few people. Just perfect.

No, we didn’t ride ANY of those boats going to the nearby islands, WE WALKED. And because we were not ready, having zero plans to go swimming or any outdoor adventure that day, we did it in our “panlakad” clothes.

The distance from the kiosks to the farthest islet was almost 500m. It was a long and tiring walk (sticky sand, rocky ocean bed and the current was quite strong) but it was SO worth it.

What I realized after our quick adventure:

  1. Life is fleeting, life is short. Marcelle was hesitant to cross the waters, because first, we were not familiar with the area, second, we were not geared for swimming, especially snorkeling. I told that that we SHOULD go or else I won’t be able to sleep that night. Despite the challenges (hello, my flip flop got broken!!!) we still went there. Hard roads often lead to beautiful destinations, baby!
  2. You can enjoy life with less, so much less. Hello P100 for this breathtaking place?
  3. Life is still good. It might be shitty most times, but we should keep on believing that it has something good to offer.
  4. Happiness and Contentment start within me. That whenever I find myself in the jungle of problems and uncertainty, I only need to look inward to find the essential answers to my questions.

First, thank you, dear Lord for opening my eyes and heart over and over again. You made me realize that these tests are meant to build my character and not to break me. I am strong and forever I will be, not just for myself but for everyone who loves me.

Second, Forgive me if I doubt your love sometimes. I am just human, Lord. Forgive me if I doubt the love of everyone around me. I know that I am blessed like everyone else but I let my fear and my earthly problems affect me. Thank you for blessing me with people who never fail to help and understand whatever it is that we’re going through.

And finally, Lord. Please show me the right way & guide me to the right path because it seems that I am lost and only Your light can save me now.

Yours forever,


Five Great Storage Places In Your Home That You Never Thought Of

source: Flickr

If you are like most people, you have too much stuff in your house. However, a lot of people don’t have much room in their houses, and they don’t know what to do or where to turn. While true, you must think a little more deeply when you want to store your items. With that being said, here are four great storage places in your home you never thought of.

Five Great Storage Places In Your Home That You Never Thought Of

Think about it, when you look in your kitchen, you probably see a lot of extra room for things. Yes, not only will you have plenty of space, but you can probably add more shelves in your kitchen. Since most people don’t fill all their cupboards, this is an easy and cost-effective way to save some space in your house. To get started, you should move all your items to one area of your kitchen. Then, you can, with ease, clean the rest of it out and enjoy plenty of cupboard space. This is a great solution if you don’t need a ton of space, and it’s an even better solution if you want to save money.

Without a doubt, if you have a garage, you have a place to store your items. But, you have to be careful since a lot of people love to put their bikes, cars and car accessories in the garage, you may not have a lot of free room. To get started, you should get rid of any junk you don’t need, and you should quickly come up with a solution. If you are wise, you will look at shelving units to place on the sides of your garage walls. If this does not do the trick, you may want to do more, and you should consider renting a long term storage unit to keep your unused things. Remember, without enough room in your garage, you may want to think about offsite storage, which is a cheap and easy solution.

The Bathroom
Think about this, a bathroom is usually bigger than most people need, and you can usually fit a lot of stuff in here. For this reason, if you are wise, you will consider extra storage solutions in your bathroom. To get started, you should measure your walls, and you can see if you can fit a good-sized shelve or two on them. If possible, you can really put a lot of stuff in your bathroom, and you won’t have to look for other solutions, but a bathroom is not always big enough for most people.

Under your bed
Now, if you think of an area in your house where you have a lot of free room, you can probably think of your bed. Yes, a lot of people have huge beds, and they have nothing under them. This is a pity, and it is a waste of space. However, with some plastic bins, you can easily store excess items such as clothing. Other times, if you want, you can store decorations you only use once or twice a year. Either way, this is a great solution if you don’t want to trek up to your attic all the time when you want to grab a sweater or other item that you don’t use every day. If you want a more permanent setup, you can easily have someone build you storage that goes under your bed. Either way, this is the perfect setup if you don’t want to put your stuff in a faraway place.

If you own a home and have too much stuff, you need to think of wise solutions. Yes, if you just throw stuff in the closet, you are going to have a hard time organizing your items and keeping things under control. But, with these simple and easy solutions, you can clean out your house, and you won’t have to spend much time or money doing so.

Cebu Blogging Community: At Home Ka Dito!

It feels good to be connected with people whom you can relate to.

When I arrived here in Cebu, I knew that at some point I’d go blogging again. There’s just so many things to blog about this beautiful place. I stopped for a year or two, posting only something personal every 3 or 4 months because I had nothing to blog about. I just kept a few of my domains and ditched the rest because they were no longer earning and maintaining them was suicide on my end. Each renewal costs around $14, and renewing something that no longer gives you money is suicide.

Then I came across Cebu Blogging Community.

They welcomed old, season, and new bloggers with open arms <3 I attended a few blogging events here in Cebu even before I met the entire team, then finally on March 7, 2015, the entire community had an ULTIMATE MEETUP in Diamond Suites Cebu.


The Bloggers

getting to know you…getting to know all about you…

getting to like you, hoping that you’d like me…

9 hours of laughter and serious stuff brought us closer together. I appreciate the effort of the community administrators, Sir Ruben, Mary, Chanel and Gay for coming up with the idea of bringing the bloggers together.

The Place

Diamond Suites Cebu was generous enough to accommodate and feed us. The hotel is very much accessible from Ayala Center, making one’s stay a stress-free one. I have never heard of them until the event (blame it to my being new to Cebu) but I realized later on, as they were touring us that the 3-star hotel is very underrated.

Location: Perfect. A few STEPS away from Ayala Center
Rooms: They were huge and reasonably priced
Food: Superb
Customer Service: They were so accommodating even to non-blogger guests from the other hall

Diamond Suites Cebu

Diamond Suites Cebu Pool


All Diamond Suites Cebu photos were taken from their website.

Good food, great music and happy people = one awesome experience at Diamond Suites Cebu!

The Sponsors

PIA Cebu
Cebu Team Building
Cebu Domain
Diamond Suites and Residences Cebu

I went home late but slept with a happy smile on my face because I knew that I now belong to a good community of bloggers. I just hope that the members can keep it this way. Personally, I believe that a community only need a few honest members to thrive in their endeavors. I have high hopes for Cebu Blogging Community and with the love the admins and members are pouring to this group, WE WILL MAKE IT.

Kudos to Sir Ruben, Mary, Chanel and Gay and the entire Cebu Blogging Community.

Celebrated our 15th in a Meaningful Way

Relationships last long not because they’re destined to last, but because two brave people made a choice: to keep it, fight for it and work for it.

To Dada:

I still can’t believe that we’re on our 15th year already. Our relationship has been so easy, though it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. For this, I am already very thankful. We seldom fight and if we do, it’s always nothing personal — alam mo yan, hahaha!


Much as we want to celebrate it in a grand way, we opted to spend the day with our kids since we are still away from our respective families.

March 8, 2015, we rented a cottage in Blue Reef Cottages in Marigondon, Cebu. It was a not so pleasant experience because there were a LOT of people — it was a Sunday, what was I thinking? Good thing we arrived earlier than most customers so we still had the luxury of taking photos while the beach was still clear.

I wish us nothing but more blissful years together — you know, me riding in a luxurious car with you, me not thinking about the bills and loans, you dating me in a fancy restaurant just because. WAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, thank you for being such a great dad to our kids and thank you for being a wonderful husband to me. That’s more than enough.

So if other newly married couples ask us, how did you two do it? How did you blissfully live with each other when you almost have nothing? Believe me, when bills and payables pile up, it ruins even the most loving relationships. We go through that, A LOT, but we never take that personally. Our financial issues is more like ‘WORK’ for us. It’s there but one has to leave or forget it once we hit the bed. It’s a challenge and we are still a work in progress. This is something that I want to master, but Marcelle has already mastered it LOL



March 4, 2015, I got invited to by two gorgeous Philippine National Rugby Team members, Harry Morris and Andrew Wolfe to attend the launch of Flawless’ latest offering, the Flawless Skin Protect Mist with SPF70.

Me? Got invited by celebrities? I must be kidding you! Yes *sheepish grin* I am only kidding. Thank you for the invite, Cebu Blogging Community! After years of not being in the events limelight, here I am again, doing events in Cebu. Reasons will be posted in another post.

“Don’t forget to wear something White Chic for the party.” Wow. No white anything and definitely I am no ‘chic’ looking. Hello old age. But even so, I obliged to go because one, the excitement to meet Cebu-based bloggers was eating me alive, and two, I was itching to go out. I MUST ATTEND THIS EVENT. I ended up wearing my fave G2000 sheer white polo and black walking shorts. So not chic, but at least I was wearing white!

Flawless Skin Protect Mist with SPF70

I look…one of the boys, hahaha!

The event was held in the posh place La Maison Rose French Restaurant. So posh that I felt under dressed.

La Maison Rose French Restaurant Cebu

La Maison Rose French Restaurant Cebu

La Maison Rose French Restaurant Cebu

La Maison Rose French Restaurant Cebu

These hot babes are all ready to hit the beach! After all, summer is just around the corner! Are you ready for your best summer getaway ever? Just imagine family reunions, barkada road trips, by-the-shore activities, fiestas to some Pinoys and even summer swimming classes. Sounds so much fun, right? But to make it stress-free we all need to follow some steps, steps that I personally prepared, dugo at pawis men. I learned so much from our previous travels, kaya para walang bulagaan, follow these:


Step 1. Book your tickets ahead

No brainer. We all need to book our tickets ahead to save on tickets. The earlier you buy, the bigger discount you get on your tickets! Follow the official fan pages of local and foreign airlines to get the best deals. They would often post their deals either in Facebook or Twitter. Plan ahead, yes like 6 months or 1 year before.

Tip: Good deals are posted during holidays or important dates like June 12, May 1, etc. Book when the clock strikes midnight and be VERY patient. Di lang ikaw ang gustong bumili ng tickets.

Plan ahead.

Step 2. Decide where to stay

Hotels? Inns? Private rest houses of rich friends? (you are one lucky pal!) Wherever. Ensure that you have booked the place and have paid the required amount of deposit EARLY on, to avoid any cancellations. And for your sanity, choose the inns that require security deposit or you’ll end up palaboy like us in one foreign land, with unfamiliar people.

A week or a few days before your vacation, call them once again to confirm your arrival. DO NOT FORGET TO CALL.

Again, plan ahead. I couldn’t stress this enough.

Step 3. Prepare Your Things

Pack and travel light so you have enough space for the pasalubongs BUT never forget summer necessities! This low maintenance mama only needs the following:

  • A few tops and shorts
  • long and light dress
  • fit flops
  • undies!
  • waterproof bags or Ziploc bags
  • Sunscreen

Step 4. Choose the best sunscreen

Sunscreen plays a very important role in our everyday life. #dikoalamyundati We are exposed to ultraviolet rays even if we stay indoors. Yes, that’s how exposed we are. Now which sunscreen, you might ask. There are just so many in the market and I have tried SO many of them. Only few passed our standards. Because either they’re VERY expensive or they’re just too hard to deal with: sticky and stingy!

Gone are the days when we didn’t have a choice but deal with sticky globs of sunscreens to protect our skin. Skin Professionals of Flawless Skin Care Clinic came up with a sunscreen with SPF70 in liquid mist form. No more white patches in the skin!

Flawless Skin Protect Mist

The Flawless Skin Protect Mist is formulated with a high SPF70, determined through an international In Vitro Evaluation which effectively shiels the skin from UVA and UVB rays. Its canister comes with a 360-degree spray system that allows continuous delivery of skin protection and can be applied in any direction.

The Flawless Skin Protect Mist is perfect for people on the go, it’s fuss-free, effective and water-resistant.  Plus, it’s safe for children, pregnant women and cancer patients.

The best part? The Flawless Skin Protect Mist with SPF70 is only Php450 and is now available in all Flawless Skin Care clinics nationwide.

I remember one time, I dived and swam the whole day without any skin protection, I ended up peeling like lechon 2 days later. It was so damn painful!

Step 5. Enjoy

Now that you have your airline tickets, booked a place, packed your things and have chosen the best sunscreen for your skin,  it’s time to enjoy summer!


always remember:

What happens at the beach, stays at the beach.

Follow Flawless Skin Care Clinic on: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Entrepremom Flies to Clark to Taste BURP! Real Aussie Beef Burgers

When destiny forgets to tie some people in blood relations, it corrects its mistake by making them TRUE FRIENDS.


Dawn of February 27, 2015, this momma flew all the way from Cebu to Clark to taste Angeles City’s newest burger joint, BURP!

You might think I’m crazy but really, one will move mountains if it involved family and friends. The whole trip was planned by Iris Camille AKA PinayAds. The purpose of the trip was to surprise Mauie of The 24 Hour Mommy and Jen of Marriage and Beyond. Their reactions? EPIC!


Of course, being Pinoys, REUNIONS = FOOD and the best set of people (like us..ehem) deserves GOOD FOOD! We decided to drop by BURP! to taste the REAL AUSSIE BEEF BURGER netizens have been raving about on Instagram and Facebook.

What is the buzz all about? REAL BURGERS men, REAL BURGERS!

From someone who’s already sick of burgers with nothing but extenders, BURP! burgers are heaven sent!

They’re BIG, JUICY and TASTY!

craving now? isa-isahin natin…

The Burp Burger P120

The Burp Cheese Burger P140

Ang pinag-uusapang BURP BBC! P150
It has BBQ, Bacon and Cheese <3

The BURP Monster P160

My personal favorite BURP! Mushroom Cheeseburger P120 — I am so partial with anything  related to mushrooms, kaya ganun :D Simple yet so sinful!

See how thick the patty is? Mapapa oooh ka on each bite!

BURP Fries P70

BURP Amazing Nachos P205

Burp Signature Wings P205

We were dying to try their Half-pound Burp Buddy (P240) and The Big Show (1-pound beef goodness!!!) (P325) but we were already in food coma! deads sa kabusugan! Maybe next time, girls?

BUrp Clark Angeles | Burger Clark Angeles

Nothing but good (and yummy!) words for BURP! If you’re really looking for the real deal, then BURP! is the perfect place for you.

BURP! is a quaint burger joint situated in 154 Stall D, Narciso St. Malabanias, Angeles, Pampanga. It’s very near Prime Asia Hotel.



Facebook: BURP
Instagram: @burp_ph
Address: 154 Stall D, Narciso St. Malabanias, Angeles, Pampanga

1 2 3 93

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