Lagundex Forte: A Pinoy breakthrough in cough and cold remedies

Lagundex Forte: A Pinoy breakthrough in cough and cold remedies

Respiratory Illness excuses no one, especially during the rainy season. Everyone has had their share of colds and cough at one time or another. There are safe and natural ways to relieve them.

One method is through the conventional cough and colds preparations. Tried-and-tested over the years, taking synthetic medicine, either in syrup or tablet, has been a stable means of getting us through clogged noses and phlegm filled airways. But with the advent of natural medicine, parents are recognizing its safety and efficacy .

A good and natural solution is through the use of Lagundi leaves. Tried and tested by our forebearers, its use has been existent for quite sometime now and had remained unnoticed. Technology has brought into fore this time tested natural remedy creating a cough and cold medicine under strict quality control standards. Lagundex (Vitex Negundo) was thus created for this purpose.

A brand trusted by the Department of Health, Lagundex is made from the finest Lagundi leaves in the country. The finer quality the leaf has, the more potent it is to treat cough, colds, and even mild asthma.

Unlike other Lagundi preparations, our brand of lagundi is harvested in the nutrient rich soil of Palawan, long considered as the greenest & cleanest part of the Philippines, and considered as the “ Last Frontier “

Lagundex ( Lagundi ) was developed by a group of Filipino scientist over a 14 year period using only indigenous Lagundi plants. This makes it “Truly a Filipino Product “.

Our farmers practice utmost care in ensuring that no chemical herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers were used in growing our lagundi plants, all natural and pure organic produce.

Giving the kids Lagundex won’t be a problem because they are sure to love its peppermint, orange, and lemon flavors.

So for the common cough and colds, remember to keep your Lagundex always handy. Remember…..lagundex its not just a leaf, its cough relief.

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  • Home Remedies for Cough

    If you want to get rig of cold and cough include a little ginger in your honey and tea with lemon. Ginger has great anti-inflamatory properties, plus it gives you a little boost enrgy wise when allergies or colds have you feeling down.

  • Rose Ann Frankie

    The Lagundex allegations make me ambivalent. Is it BFAD-registered? Why is there no definite statement about going through BFAD?

  • Antonette_jubilo

    our doc prescribed lagundex 4 my mom but it’s not available here.