Project Happiness Bakehouse’ Cupcake Trial

Project Happiness Bakehouse’ Cupcake Trial

My all-time best seller are my super moist chocolate cake and cupcakes. I don’t know if it does really taste good or my clients are just so used in associating chocolate with cake. Given this, I can now prepare my cake batter with my eyes closed.

This weekend I gathered enough courage and purchased baking and sugarcraft books for inspiration. Crazy because books about baking are uber expensive but I have to buy it. It’s like I owe it to myself and to my clients. I have to improve my craft. I don’t have a culinary background nor the natural talent so it’s just right to read and learn right?

So there, this month I am planning to try out different recipes of cupcakes, not the out-of-this-world type but just something that I am not so used in making. Wish me goodluck! With the help of my newly purchased books, online tutorials and free PDFs (thank God for pdf page counters!) I know that every cupcake trial will be successful. I’ll be posting my trial photos on my food blog Project Happiness by Iris. Hope you’ll visit me there!

And uhm, by the way, if you want me to try out a recipe, please leave it here and I’ll be glad to link back :)