The HCG Diet

The HCG Diet

Ever heard of hcg diet?

I have heard a lot of these diets from the media and testimonials from known individuals who swore that one or two of the diets they have tried have indeed worked for them at some point. But I never tried any except for the After 6 which worked for some but never for me. I guess it all boils down to one thing: I LACK DISCIPLINE.

For the undisciplined ones like me, we need a reliable diet program that requires no muscle crunching, crash dieting, and what have you’s. And I guess hcg will definitely work for me. Want to start going into the popular HCG diet? It’s a +-50 day program that requires shots or supplemental drops and strict dieting.

First you need to find an HCG diet professional to guide you in understanding the whole process. You need to know the pros and cons and don’t just jumping into the diet itself without knowing the entire program. During the first meeting you will know the ways on how you can introduce the hcg diet on your system and it’s through injections or supplemental drops.

ALWAYS listen to the HCG diet professional as one’s approach may differ. Some will allow you to do brisk walking, drink more water, eat certain kinds of fruits and more. The first two days of your diet is heaven because you will be allowed to eat everything – anything that you like. This phase is called the loading phase.

The next phase, the maintenance phase is where the food limitations intake takes place. You will now be allowed to consume no more than 500 calories on a very restricted diet. This phase will run for 21 days or up until 40 days depending on your target weight.

Then come the stabilization phase. The injections and drops are over when you enter this phase and your food intake is slowly raised to 800 calories for women and 1,000 for men. This phase eliminates the sugar and starch in your diet and lasts for another 21 days.

Should your weight falls short your target, you need buy hcg again and repeat the process.