Can You Make Cake Pops With Cake Mix

Making cake pops is a great way to add some fun and flair to any event. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or just want something special for dessert, these little treats are sure to please everyone!

But can you really make them using a store-bought cake mix? Absolutely! With the right ingredients and techniques, making delicious cake pops with cake mix is a breeze.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my tips for creating flavorful and visually appealing cake pops that will wow your guests – all without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Let’s get started!

Necessary Tools And Ingredients

I’m excited to show you how to make cake pops using a cake mix! All you need is a few tools and ingredients, and you’re set.

To start off, grab your favorite cake mix. You’ll also need lollipop sticks, some candy melts, food coloring (optional), parchment paper, wax paper, and non-stick cooking spray or oil. For the molds, use silicone forms that can easily be removed in one piece after baking.

Once everything is ready, preheat the oven according to package instructions for the cake mix. Grease your silicone molds with some non-stick cooking spray or oil before adding the batter – this makes removal easier later on!

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Fill each mold until it’s about 3/4 full then pop them into the oven for the specified baking time on the cake mix box. Let them cool completely before taking them out of their molds.

When they’ve finished cooling down, thread a lollipop stick through every mini-cake and place onto a lined baking tray or plate – I like to use parchment or wax paper so nothing sticks to my work surface.

Now melt your candy melts according to directions and add any desired food coloring if needed; dip each mini-cake into the melted candy coating until fully covered then transfer back onto the tray while still wet.

Once all are coated let dry completely at room temperature before Enjoying!

Preparing The Cake Mix

I’m getting ready to make some cake pops with cake mix, so I’m starting by mixing the cake mix according to the instructions on the box.

Once I’m done with that, I’ll pop the batter in the oven and bake it until it’s golden brown.

Then, I’ll let the cake cool and break it up into little pieces for the cake pops.

After that, I’ll get creative with the decorations and enjoy my delicious cake pops!

Mixing The Cake Mix

Preparing the cake mix for making delicious and amazing cake pops starts with mixing the ingredients.

I always preheat my oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, as this is the ideal baking temperature for most cakes. After that, I combine all of my ingredients: a box of cake mix, eggs, oil and water according to the instructions on the package. Then I stir it until everything is blended together using an electric mixer or a wooden spoon.

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Once everything is mixed properly, it’s time to get creative! You can add different flavors like lemon zest or peppermint extract for more unique icing flavors. Or you could even add bits of fruit or chocolate chips for extra flavor dimension in your pops. The possibilities are endless when creating these little treats!

I usually spoon out portions of batter into each slot in my mini-muffin tin and bake them accordingly – about 20 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit should do it perfectly.

Afterwards they come out looking perfect and ready to be decorated however you want!

Baking The Cake

Once the cake mix is all mixed up, it’s time to get baking!

I always preheat my oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and use a mini-muffin tin for the perfect size of pops. Then I spoon out portions of batter into each slot in my mini-muffin tin and bake them accordingly – about 20 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit should do it perfectly.

Once they’re done baking, pull them out of the oven and let them cool before you start decorating.

When it comes to icing options, there are plenty of choices that can make your cake pops stand out from the rest! You can opt for classic buttercream or cream cheese frosting as well as adding different flavors like lemon zest or peppermint extract if you want more unique tastes. Or if you want something with extra flavor dimension then you could add bits of fruit or chocolate chips too. The possibilities really are endless when creating these little treats!

Finally, once your cake pops have cooled down completely, go ahead and start having fun by decorating however you’d like using any type of sprinkles, drizzles, glazes or whatever else catches your eye. Enjoy and savor every bite!

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Rolling And Shaping The Cake Pops

Making cake pops with a cake mix is easy and fun! All you need to do is substitute some of the ingredients from the instructions, create your own design, and start rolling.

To begin with, instead of using butter or oil as instructed on the box, use melted chocolate chips to help bind everything together. This will give your cake pops that extra special flavor.

If desired, you can also add in other substitutions like sprinkles or crushed oreos for an even more unique taste.

Once all these ingredients have been added into the mixture, it’s time to get creative!

Using different colors and flavors of melting chocolate wafers, you can shape any type of design imaginable – such as hearts or stars – to make your cake pops truly one-of-a-kind.

You can also experiment by combining various combinations of chocolates and decorations to achieve your ideal look.

With just a bit of imagination and creativity, you’ll be sure to end up with delectable treats everyone will love!

Decorating The Cake Pops

Now that our cake pops are all rolled and shaped, it’s time to get creative with our decorating! There are many different icing techniques you can use to give your cake pops a unique look.

You could roll them in sprinkles or sugar for an extra sparkly finish. Or perhaps try dipping the pops into melted chocolate and adding some fun toppings such as marshmallows, mini M&Ms, or candy pieces. Get creative with the colors too – make each pop its own individual work of art!

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If you want something a bit more sophisticated, why not add some fondant decorations? Fondant is really simple to shape and manipulate – think flowers, stars, hearts- whatever you can dream up!

For example, if someone was having a baby shower maybe create little baby booties out of fondant and place on top of the cake pop. Or get crafty and turn regular cupcake liners into festive hats by cutting off the bottom half of them and placing them on top of the cakepop like a hat!

Once you have finished creating your edible works of art don’t forget to take pictures so everyone can admire your handywork. Surprise friends & family with these delicious treats at any occasion or just munch away on them yourself – either way they’ll be sure to impress!

Storing And Serving The Cake Pops

I’ve found that when it comes to storing cake pops made from cake mix, temperatures are key. Keeping them between 53-73 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for most standard mixes.

If you need to store the finished pops longer than a day or two—especially if there’s any kind of frosting involved—it’s best to refrigerate them in an airtight container.

When it comes time to serving your creations, I usually opt for platters lined with parchment paper; this makes transferring and displaying the pops much easier! You can even arrange the platters however you’d like so they look extra festive and special.

All that’s left after that is for everyone to enjoy these delectable treats!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Cake Pops Stay Fresh?

When it comes to storing cake pops, you want to keep them in an airtight container or wrap them individually with plastic wrap.

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Cake pops can stay fresh for up to a week if stored correctly with icing techniques like adding sprinkles and glazes.

To ensure the longevity of your cake pops, make sure they are completely cooled before wrapping and storing.

Is It Possible To Make Cake Pops Without A Cake Pop Maker?

Yes, it is possible to make cake pops without a cake pop maker! All you need is some cake mix and creativity.

You can use any type of cake mix that you’d like, just be sure to add some kind of liquid such as water or milk so the batter isn’t too thick. Once your batter is ready, roll spoonfuls into small balls and freeze them for at least an hour before dipping in melted chocolate.

For added sweetness, try adding special frostings or sprinkles on top. Just remember to keep your finished product refrigerated until served – freezing tips are key when making homemade treats!

What Is The Best Type Of Cake Mix To Use?

When making cake pops with a cake mix, it’s important to consider what type of mix you use. Opt for a cake mix that has good flavor and texture when baked; this will ensure the best results for your cake pops.

Additionally, think about icing variations and flavor combinations to make your cake pops more unique – such as adding chocolate chips or sprinkles! This can help give your cake pops an extra special touch.

What Are Good Alternatives To Traditional Cake Pop Decorations?

When it comes to decorating cake pops, you don’t have to stick with the traditional options. Instead of using fondant or icing, why not try dipping them in chocolate?

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Not only is this a great way to give your cake pops an extra layer of flavor and sweetness, but you can also add some fun nut toppings for added crunch.

Plus, these decorations are much easier to make than rolling out and cutting shapes from fondant!

Is There A Way To Make Cake Pops With Dairy-Free Or Gluten-Free Cake Mix?

If you’re looking for a dairy-free or gluten-free option for making cake pops, the answer is yes! You can easily substitute out regular cake mix ingredients with dairy and/or gluten free options.

There are plenty of substitutions available that will make your cake pops just as delicious without compromising on taste. For example, if you need a gluten-free substitution, almond flour is an excellent choice to replace all purpose flour in traditional recipes.

If going dairy-free, try using coconut oil instead of butter to achieve similar results. With these easy swaps, anyone can enjoy their favorite desserts while still adhering to dietary restrictions!


Yes, you can make cake pops with cake mix!

It’s a great way to save time and money while still creating delicious treats. With the right ingredients and techniques, your cake pops will stay fresh for days—and they don’t even require a special machine or mold.

You can experiment with different types of cake mixes and decorations until you find what works best for you. Plus, if you need to accommodate dietary restrictions like dairy-free or gluten-free diets, there are plenty of options out there so everyone can enjoy some yummy cake pops.

Have fun baking!