Does Mcdonalds Sell Cake

Hey there! I’m sure you’ve already heard of McDonald’s, the global fast-food chain. But did you know they also sell cake?

That’s right – in addition to burgers and fries, McDonald’s serves up delicious cakes that are just as tasty as their other menu items.

In this article, we’ll discuss whether or not McDonalds actually sells cake – so keep reading to find out more!

What Types Of Cake Does Mcdonald’s Sell?

I’m sure we’ve all been to McDonald’s and noticed their delicious selection of food. But did you know that they also sell cake?

That’s right, the fast-food giant offers a variety of cakes for customers to enjoy. McDonald’s offer both standard and speciality flavours in portion sizes ranging from single slices up to full sheet cakes.

Decadent chocolate fudge, zesty lemon meringue, moist red velvet – whatever your preference there is something here for everyone!

Plus with regular promotions and seasonal specials it’s always worth keeping an eye on what new treats are available. So next time you pop into your local McDonald’s why not treat yourself to one of their delicious cakes? You won’t be disappointed!

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Where Can I Buy Mcdonald’s Cake?

I’m looking to buy a McDonald’s cake, and I’m wondering where I can get it.

Ordering at the restaurant is one option, but I’m also curious if there are any online delivery services that sell the cake.

I’m also wondering if there are any grocery stores that carry the cake.

Does anyone know if McDonald’s provides a delivery service?

Are there any other alternatives to getting the cake?

Does anyone know if there’s a specific store that’s known for carrying McDonald’s cake?

Ordering At Mcdonald’s

Eating out can be an exciting experience and McDonald’s is no exception. With their special offers, you may even find yourself getting a sweet treat – like cake!

Whether you’re visiting your local restaurant or ordering through the drive-thru, there are plenty of options for dessert at McDonald’s. From apple pie to hot fudge sundaes, they have it all – including delicious cakes. Depending on where you go, you might just find that amazing chocolate chip cookie cake with creamy frosting that everyone loves.

McDonalds also offer seasonal treats throughout the year like their famous Shamrock Shake during St Patricks day and McFlurry desserts in summertime flavors such as Oreo and M&M’s. While these aren’t strictly ‘cake’, they do make excellent alternatives if you’re looking for something different from the usual suspects.

Plus some locations will even let you customize your order with extra toppings so feel free to get creative!

No matter what type of treat you’re after, McDonalds has got it covered. So why not grab a slice (or two) next time you visit? You won’t regret it – unless maybe afterward when your stomach starts telling you otherwise!

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Online Delivery Services

These days, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy McDonald’s cake. With so many online delivery services available, ordering a delicious dessert from McDonalds has never been easier! All you need to do is place an order through their website or app and track its progress right up until it arrives at your front door.

Most places guarantee fast delivery times too – usually within 30 minutes – so there’s no waiting around either. What could be better?

So next time you find yourself craving some sweet treats, why not try ordering in from McDonald’s? Not only can you get exactly what you want with ease but you won’t even have to worry about being tempted by all the other goodies on offer when you’re at the restaurant.

Plus, who doesn’t like having tasty desserts delivered straight to their doorstep? It really is the ultimate convenience for any foodie out there.

When it comes down to it, getting hold of that perfect slice of cake is just a few clicks away – definitely worth giving it a shot!

Grocery Stores

If you’re looking for a more traditional way to get your hands on McDonald’s cake, then why not try visiting one of the many grocery stores that stock it?

You’ll find an array of delicious bakery items, including cakes, pies and cupcakes all ready to take home.

Plus, unlike delivery services which may have limited availability, most places will be open throughout the day – perfect if you just can’t wait!

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And with so many varieties available in these locations too, you’ll definitely have plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you’re after something classic like chocolate or fancy trying out their new salted caramel flavor – there’s bound to be something special to satisfy those cravings.

Plus, when shopping at the store you won’t just have access to fast food treats but lots of other goodies too!

So grab yourself a basket and start exploring – who knows what delicious discoveries await!

How Much Does Mcdonald’s Cake Cost?

I’m sure you’ve heard of McDonald’s and their classic menu. But did you know that they also sell cake? That’s right, it turns out that McDonalds does indeed have a sweet treat for us to enjoy!

When it comes to eating habits, cakes can often be seen as an indulgence or something unhealthy. However, if portion sizes are kept in check, having a slice of cake every now and then isn’t necessarily bad for your health.

In terms of nutrition, cakes from McDonalds contain around 250 calories per serving which is quite moderate when compared with other desserts available at the restaurant chain.

Overall, whether or not you decide to get a cake from McDonalds depends on how much control you want over your calorie intake and diet plan. If you’re looking for an occasional dessert option that won’t break the bank, this may just be the perfect choice for you!

What Are The Ingredients In Mcdonald’s Cake?

I’m sure we’ve all been there: you’re at McDonald’s and you want something sweet, but don’t know what to get. Well I have good news for you – they do in fact sell cake!

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With a wide variety of serving sizes and flavors to choose from, it’s the perfect treat after your meal.

McDonald’s cakes come in classic American chocolate or vanilla, as well as strawberry shortcake. There are also several types that rotate seasonally like nutty bar crunch and red velvet cheesecake. All these delicious options are available in single-size servings or larger family size ones.

The individual servings can be served on their own with ice cream if desired.

For those who prefer lighter fare, they offer apple pies which are made with real Granny Smith apples and encased in flaky golden crusts. Whatever your preference may be, you’ll find something to satisfy your craving when visiting McDonald’s!

Is Mcdonald’s Cake Freshly Baked?

I’ve been to McDonald’s many times and seen their cakes, but I wasn’t sure if they actually sold them. After doing some research, I found out that yes – McDonald’s does in fact sell cake!

They offer a variety of different icing flavors and portion sizes so you can get exactly what you’re looking for. There are plenty of options when it comes to getting your hands on one of these delicious desserts.

You can pick up an entire cake or just purchase individual slices from the restaurant or even order online for delivery. The prices are very reasonable too, making it easy for anyone to indulge without breaking the bank.

McDonald’s definitely has something for everyone when it comes to their selection of freshly-baked cakes. Whether you’re having a special event or simply want a treat for yourself, there is no doubt that this fast food chain has got you covered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Cakes Does Mcdonald’s Sell?

When it comes to cake types and icing flavors, McDonald’s has you covered. They offer a range of different sizes for their cakes, so you can get the perfect one no matter what your occasion is.

Whether you’re looking for something small or big enough to feed an entire party, they’ve got options that will fit your needs. You can also choose from classic favorites like vanilla buttercream or chocolate fudge – whatever flavor combination strikes your fancy!

Does Mcdonald’s Have Special Occasion Cakes?

Yes, McDonald’s does have special occasion cakes!

They offer a variety of delicious cake flavors and icing options so you can create the perfect sweet treat for any celebration.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party or baby shower, there is sure to be a flavor that everyone will love.

Are Mcdonald’s Cakes Allergen Friendly?

McDonalds definitely has you covered when it comes to allergen friendly cakes!

Many of their delicious desserts are gluten free, dairy free, and even vegan.

They’ve made sure that everyone can enjoy a sweet treat without worrying about sensitivity or dietary restrictions.

Plus, the selection is constantly changing so there’s always something new to try.

So don’t hesitate – head over to McDonalds for your next birthday cake or special occasion dessert!

Does Mcdonald’s Offer Customizable Cake Decorations?

Yes, Mcdonald’s does offer customizable cake decorations!

You can choose from a variety of different cake flavors and icing options to make your perfect cake.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just want something special for an event, you can easily customize the look and flavor of your cake with Mcdonald’s.

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So go ahead – get creative and create the perfect treat for any occasion!

How Far In Advance Should I Order A Mcdonald’s Cake?

If you’re planning to order a cake from McDonald’s, it’s best to give yourself plenty of time.

Depending on your location and the size of the cake, you can usually place an order two weeks in advance.

This gives you enough time to choose from their variety of flavors – like chocolate mousse or strawberry shortcake – as well as provide specific ordering tips if needed.

You’ll also have time to customize decorations for a truly unique look!


In conclusion, McDonald’s offers a variety of cakes for any occasion. Whether you need a small treat or an entire cake to celebrate something special, they have the perfect option for your needs.

They also offer customizable decorations and allergen friendly options so everyone can enjoy their delicious treats.

All in all, McDonald’s cakes are sure to add some sweetness to any celebration. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to mark a special event, don’t forget that there’s always room at the table for a sweet surprise from McDonald’s!