How Much Are Cold Stone Cakes

Cold Stone Cakes are the perfect dessert for any occasion. They are delicious and come in a variety of flavors, sizes, and decorations. But how much do these cakes cost? In this article, we’ll explore the prices of various Cold Stone Cake options to help you determine which one is best suited for your budget.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or just want something special for yourself, Cold Stone Cakes can be a great choice. With so many different types available – from round cakes to sheet cakes to cupcakes – there’s sure to be an option that fits your needs. Read on to learn more about pricing information and what kind of cake will fit into your budget!


Round Cakes

Cold Stone Creamery offers a wide selection of round cakes to satisfy any sweet tooth. These cakes come in two different serving sizes: 6” and 8”, providing portion control for your gathering. The 6” cake will serve 10-12 people and the 8” is enough to feed up to 25 guests.

Our delicious creations are made with rich layers of moist cake, their signature ice cream, fluffy frostings or fudge ganache, and an abundance of mix-ins such as fruits, nuts, candies, cookies and more. We offer classic flavors like our popular Birthday Cake Remix® flavor – a combination of yellow cake, vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles – as well as unique concoctions that you won’t find anywhere else!

In addition to customizing each creation by choosing from one of our signature mixes or creating your own unique blend using a variety of ingredients, customers can also pick one several options when it comes to decorating their Cold Stone Cakes. From simple writing messages to intricate art designs created by experienced bakers – we have something for everyone’s taste and budget. Prices range from $19-$49 depending on size and design complexity.

Sheet Cakes

I’m wondering how much sheet cakes cost? Also, what kind of designs are available? Prices vary depending on size and decorations, right? Let’s talk about that and the different designs we can pick one!

Sheet Cake Prices

Sheet cakes are a great way to celebrate any special occasion, and Cold Stone Cakes offers some of the most delicious cake flavors and icing options available. From classic vanilla or rich chocolate to unique strawberry cheesecake, there’s something for everyone! The prices vary depending on how many people you need to serve – small 6-inch cakes start at around $20 while large 12-inch cakes can cost up to $80. You can also pick one an array of frosting varieties such as cream cheese, buttercream, fudge ganache or even signature creamery blends like Caramel Pecan Turtle Cake. No matter what your budget is, Cold Stone has a perfect option that will make your celebration complete. To top it all off, they offer custom designs so you can create the perfect look for your event. With Cold Stone Cakes, you know you’re getting quality no matter which flavor or size you choose!

Sheet Cake Designs

Sheet cakes are a great way to make any occasion special, and Cold Stone Cakes offers plenty of delicious flavor options. But if you want your cake to stand out even more, their custom designs can help create the perfect look for your event. Choose from tiered cakes or ice cream cakes with unique decorations that will wow all your guests! Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, there’s an endless range of possibilities to pick one. And no matter what design you pick, you know it’ll be made with the same quality ingredients as all of their other cakes. So don’t settle for just any old sheet cake – let Cold Stone take care of everything and give you a truly memorable experience!



Cupcakes are the perfect treat for any special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, baby shower, or just an afternoon snack, cupcakes offer a variety of flavors and icing options to suit everyone’s taste. From classic vanilla bean to decadent chocolate fudge, there is sure to be a flavor that will satisfy even the pickiest eater. Each flavor can also be paired with one of many delicious icings such as cream cheese frosting, cookie dough buttercream, and salted caramel swirls.

To make your experience extra memorable, unique decorating options like fondant decorations or mini edible flowers can turn ordinary cupcakes into works of art! With so many possibilities when it comes to cupcake flavors and toppings, you’ll never run out of ideas for creating fun treats for family and friends. From custom orders to single servings, no matter what type of event you’re hosting there’s something sweet waiting at the end.

No matter how big or small your event is, cupcakes always have the ability to bring people together in celebration over something delicious. Whether it’s ordering up some already made treats from your local bakery or baking them yourself from scratch – they’re guaranteed to make everyone smile.

Specialty Cakes

I’m curious to know about specialty cakes; like how much do customized cakes cost? And what about theme cakes? I’m sure those could get pricey too? Let’s realize.

Customized Cakes

One of the most popular types of specialty cakes you can find at Cold Stone are customized cakes. They make the perfect gift for someone special, as they can be personalized with a variety of flavors and decorations to suit any taste – plus, you don’t have to worry about allergies awareness! You can even get an edible image printed on top if you want it extra unique. Their wide range of options allows you to truly customize your cake so that it’s one-of-a-kind and perfectly suited for whatever occasion you’re celebrating.

No matter what type of event you’re attending, Cold Stone has something sure to please everyone in attendance. From classic birthday designs like flowers or balloons, to more intricate ones like sports teams logos or fun sayings, there is no shortage of ideas when creating your custom design. For those looking for something really special, Cold Stone offers high definition printing technology which ensures that your cake will look just as amazing up close as it does from afar.

So whether you’re shopping around for yourself or a loved one, know that Cold Stone has all the ingredients necessary for a delicious treat that stands out from the rest!

Theme Cakes

When it comes to creating the perfect specialty cake, Cold Stone has something for everyone! Not only do they offer customized cakes that can be personalized with a variety of flavors and decorations, but they also have a range of theme cakes – which are just as delicious. Whether you’re looking for an animal themed cake or one in the shape of your favorite sports team logo, Cold Stone has plenty of options available. Plus, their mouthwatering icing flavors and unique fillings mean there’s no shortage of ways to make your special occasion even sweeter. If you’re after something truly spectacular then don’t forget about Cold Stone’s high definition printing technology; it’ll ensure your cake looks as good up close as it does from afar! So whatever event you’re celebrating, know that Cold Stone will have all the ingredients necessary to make sure it’s remembered for years to come.

Custom Decorations

At Cold Stone, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your cake. Not only can you pick one a variety of delicious flavors like French vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, but there are also several icing options for that perfect finishing touch. From fluffy buttercream frosting to smooth cream cheese icing, every cake is sure to be unique!

For those looking for something even more special, you can add fun decorations such as colorful sprinkles or miniature candy pieces. If that isn’t enough, then why not try adding some fresh fruits? All of these extra touches make each cake truly one-of-a-kind.

No matter what type of design or flavor combination you select, Cold Stone cakes offer an unforgettable dessert experience that will delight everyone at your event. There’s no better way to show off your creativity than with these beautiful creations!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Largest Size Of Cake That Cold Stone Offers?


Cold Stone offers a variety of sizes for their cakes, ranging from 6″ round to 12″ sheet. Prices vary depending on the size and icing options you choose. The largest cake offered by Cold Stone is an 18″ round that can serve up to 28 people. With this option, customers have access to multiple layers with various flavors and ice cream fillings in between each layer. Icing options include chocolate ganache or traditional buttercream among others, allowing for maximum customization for any occasion.

Can Cold Stone Cakes Be Shipped?

Cold Stone Cakes can be shipped for gift delivery or online ordering. The company offers a variety of cake sizes, from small to large, and has the ability to ship in either insulated boxes or dry ice depending on how soon you need the cake delivered. You can place your order by visiting the website and selecting one of their signature cakes or creating a custom cake design.

Do Cold Stone Cakes Require Refrigeration?

When it comes to storage solutions for cold stone cakes, refrigeration is not always necessary. Icing alternatives are available depending on the type of cake you purchase from Cold Stone. For example, buttercream frosting can be used in lieu of traditional cream cheese icing that requires refrigeration after being served. This makes it possible to store a Cold Stone cake at room temperature until your event or gathering begins.

Are Cold Stone Cakes Available For Gluten-Free Diets?

Yes, Cold Stone Cakes are available for gluten-free diets. There are plenty of delicious and safe alternatives to pick one that cater to a variety of dietary restrictions. Whether you’re looking for dairy free options or prefer something with no added sugar, there’s sure to be something that suits your needs. Allergy friendly cakes can also be custom made upon request.

Do Cold Stone Cakes Require Pre-Ordering?

Pre-ordering a Cold Stone cake is an ideal option for customizing cakes and catering options. It gives you the freedom to pick one several flavors, sizes, frostings, fillings, decorations, and more. Plus, pre-ordering allows customers to have their cake delivered in time for their event or occasion! So if you’re looking for that special something at your next gathering, consider pre-ordering a Cold Stone Cake.


Cold Stone cakes are an amazing dessert option for any occasion. They come in a variety of sizes and flavors, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Plus, they’re available for both shipping and pick up, making them even more convenient. And with gluten-free options available, no one has to miss out on this delicious treat! So if you’re looking for a tasty cake that won’t break the bank, Cold Stone is definitely worth checking out. You won’t regret it!

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