Is Cake Boss Still On

Cake Boss has been a popular reality television show for over 10 years. It follows the life and work of Buddy Valastro, an Italian-American baker from New Jersey who runs Carlo’s Bakery with his family. Fans have been wondering if Cake Boss is still on, and this article will answer that question and explore what happened to the show.

The series first premiered in 2009 and quickly became one of TLC’s highest rated shows. Each episode followed the daily operations of Carlo’s Bakery as well as filming Buddy creating amazing cakes for special occasions like weddings or birthdays. Viewers were captivated by watching how Buddy used his creativity and skillful hands to bring these intricate designs to life.

Overview Of The Show

Cake Boss is a popular reality television series that follows the life of Buddy Valastro, an Italian-American baker and owner of Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. The show focuses on the family business, which produces cakes using traditional cake ingredients such as buttercream frosting, fondant decorations and intricate sugar work. Throughout its eight seasons, viewers get to witness the creation of custom cakes for various occasions, ranging from weddings to anniversaries.

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The show also features some of Buddy’s recipes for his signature creations like cannoli cupcakes and tiramisu tortes. Additionally, Cake Boss showcases baking competitions between Buddy and other local bakers who try their hand at designing unique cakes with interesting flavors and themes. Aside from this main plot line, there are several subplots that follow the lives of Buddy’s employees and family members.

Cake Boss continues to be one of the most successful shows on TLC networks since it premiered in 2009. Although production was briefly halted due to COVID-19 restrictions last year, fans can still enjoy new episodes every week on different streaming services around the world.

Buddy Valastro’s Career

Buddy Valastro has had an incredibly successful career in the cake business. His unique style, passion for baking and creative flair have made him a household name in the world of cakes. From humble beginnings at his family’s bakery to being one of the most well-known celebrity bakers on television, Buddy has accomplished more than he ever thought possible.

The Cake Boss series launched his career into superstardom when it premiered on TLC in 2009. As viewers followed along with his life as a baker and entrepreneur, they watched him build Carlo’s Bakery from its small shop beginnings into a worldwide brand that includes multiple bakeries, restaurants and even his own line of products sold at specialty stores around the globe.

His success isn’t limited to just TV audiences either – Buddy is now considered an authority in the cake industry thanks to several best-selling books and appearances at some of the biggest pastry events across America. No matter what project he takes on next, there’s no doubt that Buddy will continue to make waves within the food world as long as he continues creating delicious desserts!

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Where To Watch Cake Boss

Yes, Cake Boss is still on and available for viewing. The show follows Buddy Valastro, a master baker from Hoboken, New Jersey who runs Carlo’s Bakery with his extended family. Each episode showcases the creation of extraordinary cakes as well as different cake recipes and decorating tips to help viewers create their own unique desserts at home.
In addition to watching Cake Boss on television, fans can also watch full episodes online or purchase DVD collections of the series. There are also interactive games that allow viewers to try their hand at being a cake boss themselves by creating custom cakes based on real-life designs featured in the show.
The official website for Cake Boss provides even more ways for avid bakers to get involved with the franchise. Fans can explore behind-the-scenes pictures and video clips showing how Buddy creates some of his most impressive confections. They can also find out about upcoming events featuring members of the cast, view exclusive interviews with Buddy himself, learn new baking techniques, discover fun facts about Carlo’s Bakery, and interact directly with other passionate followers of the show through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. With so many options available it’s easy to become your very own “cake boss”!

Cake Boss Spin-Offs

It’s been a decade since Cake Boss first aired, but the show is still as popular as ever! Since it premiered in 2009, there have been several spin-off series focusing on the adventures of Buddy Valastro and his family. These shows are just as entertaining and delicious as the original, featuring an array of new cake flavors and recipes for fans to try.

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In Kitchen Boss, viewers get a closer look at some of Chef Valastro’s Italian dishes; from Sicilian favorites like Arancini di Riso (rice balls), to classic pasta dishes such as Spaghetti Carbonara. Fans also get an inside look at how Buddy bakes up sweet treats with his own unique twist in Bakery Boss. From creamy cannoli to colorful cupcakes topped with homemade buttercream frosting, these episodes will leave you craving dessert!

The latest addition to the Cake Boss franchise is Buddy vs. Duff which follows two master pastry chefs competing against each other in a cooking competition hosted by Buddy himself. Each episode features incredible cakes inspired by different themes ranging from fantasy castles to underwater worlds that are sure to impress even the most seasoned baker. Whether you’re looking for decorating tips or just want to drool over amazing desserts, this show has something for everyone!

What Happened To Cake Boss?

After several successful spin-offs, fans were left wondering what had happened to Cake Boss. After nine seasons of popular cake making shows, and with Buddy Valastro’s family recipes and unique flavorings at the heart of it all, many viewers felt like they had lost a friend when the show ended in 2016.

Cake Boss was one of the most beloved baking series on television, having aired over 150 episodes during its run. Fans enjoyed watching as Buddy used his creative baking skills and knowledge of various flavors to create cakes for special occasions. The show also featured an array of interesting characters such as Carlo’s Bakery co-owner Mary Sciarrone, who added her own special flair to each delicious creation.

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Despite not being on air anymore, Buddy still continues to bring joy to people through his amazing creations. His brand has grown significantly since the end of the show and he often shares his family recipes online so that everyone can enjoy them. He also offers classes where you can learn how to make some of his signature cakes using traditional cake flavorings as well as modern twists on classic favorites. It’s clear that Cake Boss will continue to delight audiences across the world for years come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Cakes Does Cake Boss Make?

Cake Boss is known for its unique and delicious flavor combinations, as well as its impressive cake decorating skills. Its specialty lies in creating custom cakes that are both beautiful to look at and full of flavor. From classic chocolate-vanilla combos to more exotic creations like Snickers cheesecake or strawberry shortcake, Cake Boss has a wide variety of options when it comes to flavors. The decoration possibilities are endless too – from intricate 3D sculptures to vibrant fondant designs, Cake Boss can create any cake that you dream up!

How Many Seasons Of Cake Boss Are There?

Cake Boss has been a staple of reality television since its debut in 2009. The series follows the lives and works of Buddy Valastro and his family as they operate their business, Carlo’s Bakery. Throughout its 10 season run, Cake Boss documented a variety of cake flavors and icing styles that have become iconic to fans of the show. In total, there are an impressive 194 episodes featuring some truly stunning creations from the Valastros.

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Does Buddy Valastro Still Own Carlo’s Bakery?

Buddy Valastro still owns Carlo’s Bakery, the bakery made famous by his hit TLC show Cake Boss. He is known for creating extravagant wedding cakes and cake decorations, as well as other delicious treats. Over 10 seasons of the show have been filmed there, so it’s no surprise that Buddy has kept ownership of the business even after its rise to fame.

What Other Reality Shows Has Buddy Valastro Been Featured On?

Buddy Valastro, better known as the Cake Boss, has been featured on other reality shows besides his own. He made appearances in TLC’s Ultimate Cake-Off and ABC’s The Great Holiday Baking Show, where he showcased his renowned cake decorating skills. Other notable cameos include Top Chef: Just Desserts and Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off, further cementing his place among some of the world’s top reality stars.

Are There Any Cake Boss Products Available To Purchase?

Yes, there are a variety of Cake Boss products available to purchase. These include cake decorating supplies like icing tips and frosting bags as well as recipe books full of delicious recipes from Buddy Valastro’s bakery. You can find all these items on the official Cake Boss website or in various stores around the country. Whether you’re looking to recreate some of his most famous cakes at home or just need some baking basics, Cake Boss has something for everyone!


I’m sure many of us have wondered if Cake Boss is still on. The answer is yes! Buddy Valastro continues to own Carlo’s Bakery and create amazing cakes for customers, making it one of the most successful bakeries in the world. He has also been featured on other reality shows such as MasterChef Junior and Kitchen Inferno.

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Cake Boss fans can rejoice knowing that there are a number of products available to purchase too. From cookbooks to t-shirts, you can find just about anything related to Cake Boss out there. So you won’t have to worry about missing out on any delicious cake creations from this beloved series anytime soon.