What Size Cake Feeds 50

Planning a party for 50 people can be stressful, especially when it comes to picking the right cake size. What size cake do you need to feed that many guests? It’s important to get this detail right so everyone gets their share and nobody goes home hungry. In this article, we’ll discuss how much cake is needed to feed 50 people comfortably. Keep reading to find out more about what size cake serves 50!

Calculating The Number Of Servings

When portioning cakes for a large group of people, it’s important to consider the total number of servings needed. Baking time and cake size are two key factors in determining how many servings 50 guests will require. A 9-inch round cake can serve up to 12 people, so four cakes would be necessary to feed all fifty guests. Larger sheet cakes can provide more portions; an 11×15 inch pan typically serves 24-30 individuals. For this event, two of these larger pans should suffice. With careful consideration given to baking times and sizes, you can easily figure out how much cake is needed to meet your needs.

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Choosing The Right Cake Size

When determining the size of cake to serve 50 people, it’s important to consider baking techniques and serving etiquette. Depending on the type of cake and how it is served, you may need a larger or smaller cake than expected.

For instance, when cutting sheet cakes into equal pieces for each guest, it’s best to use an 8-inch round cake that can be cut into 12 slices. If more servings are needed, then two cakes could be used instead of one large single layer. A 9-inch round can provide 15 slices while a 10-inch will give 18 servings per cake. Carving a multi-layer celebration cake requires skill but allows for thinner portions which means up to 30 guests can enjoy its deliciousness with just one 10 inch round three layered cake!

It’s also important to remember that most recipes yield generous sized pieces so if your crowd consists mostly of children or those who prefer slimmer portions, plan accordingly by adding another layer or opting for smaller sizes like 6-inch rounds – perfect for individual servings – or cupcakes which tend to make portion control easier. With all these options available, finding the right size cake can become enjoyable—so don’t forget to have some fun in the process!

Determining The Amount Of Icing Needed

I’m trying to figure out how much icing I need for a cake that will feed 50 people. Does anyone have any recipes they recommend? I’m also wondering what size cake would be best to feed this many people? Finally, what measurements should I use when measuring out the icing? I’m sure there are a lot of different opinions on this, so I’m excited to hear everyone’s ideas!

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Icing Recipes

When deciding on an icing recipe for a cake that feeds 50 people, it’s important to consider the cake flavor and colors of the icing. Many popular flavors like chocolate, vanilla and red velvet are great choices since they are crowd pleasers. For those looking for something unique, why not try some of the more exotic flavors such as passion fruit or pistachio? As far as color goes, there is no reason to limit yourself; from classic white buttercream to vibrant neons and pastels, anything can be achieved with food coloring! Ultimately, when determining how much icing you need for a large group of guests, make sure your measurements are accurate – it would be a shame if all your hard work went down the drain due to miscalculations. After all, having enough (or too much!) can make or break any baking project.

Cake Servings

Once you have determined the icing recipe that best suits your cake’s flavor and colors, it is time to figure out how much of it is needed. To determine this, consider what size servings each guest will receive and if they need a utensil for cutting or serving. Generally speaking, an 8-inch round cake should yield 12 slices when cut into even portions with a knife — but don’t forget to account for those who may want seconds! Additionally, baking temperature plays an important role in ensuring that the cake cooks evenly throughout; too low and the edges might be overdone while too high can leave them raw. With all these factors taken into consideration, you should now have enough information to accurately calculate how much icing is necessary for your dessert project.

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Icing Measurements

Now that you know the size of cake, how many servings it should yield, and the proper baking temperature to use, it’s time to get into some specifics. Icing measurements are essential for achieving a perfectly decorated cake. To make sure you have enough icing to cover every last crumb of your masterpiece, take into account the colors and flavors desired in your recipe. From there, calculate how much icing is needed based on the number of slices per serving—don’t forget about those who may want seconds! Taking all these factors together will help ensure that your dessert project turns out exactly as planned.

Adding Other Desserts To The Menu

When planning a menu for an event such as a birthday party, it is important to consider portion control and alternative desserts. A cake that will feed 50 people should be approximately 10-inches in diameter with multiple layers. This size cake can easily be decorated according to the party’s theme or even made into individual cupcakes if desired.

For those who do not care for cake, there are plenty of alternatives which may include pies, cookies, pastries, or ice cream. It is possible to make these items smaller so they can still serve a large group without having too much leftover. For example, full sized pies could be cut into slices while petite cookies would provide a delicious treat without being overly filling.

No matter what type of dessert is chosen for the celebration, it is important to check the number of servings each item provides and adjust accordingly in order to accommodate all guests. Allowing everyone at the party access to whatever type of dessert they desire will ensure everyone leaves feeling satisfied and content.

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Tips For Successful Cake Serving

When serving a cake to 50 people, it is important to plan ahead and be mindful of baking times and portion control. Baking the right size cake can be tricky but there are some helpful tips that make it easier. To serve 50 people, you should bake two 9×13 inch cakes or one 10-inch round cake with four layers.

It’s also essential to time your baking correctly so that the cake is finished in time for your event. Consider how long it will take for each type of cake to bake and adjust accordingly if needed. For example, 9×13 inch cakes usually take about 40 minutes whereas a 10-inch round might need closer to an hour depending on its thickness.

Finally, when serving the cake, proper portioning is key since cutting too small pieces can leave guests unsatisfied while overly large slices may cause waste. A good general rule of thumb is to cut no bigger than 2 x 3 inches per slice – this should keep everyone happy without leaving extra food behind!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Cake That Feeds 50 People Cost?

When it comes to finding the right cake for an event that feeds 50 people, there are many options available. Depending on the type of cake and icing chosen, prices can vary greatly. Popular choices include classic sheet cakes with buttercream frosting or tiered fondant cakes decorated to match a theme. The former is often more cost-effective while the latter tends to be pricier due to its intricate designs. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to keep your budget in mind when selecting a cake that will feed 50 people.

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How Far In Advance Should I Order A Cake For 50 People?

When planning for an event that serves 50 people, it is best to order a cake at least two weeks in advance. This will give the bakery enough time to prepare and bake a large cake with proper portion sizes. It’s important to consider baking tips while making your order so you can get the most out of your purchase. For example, if you have guests who don’t eat dairy, be sure to let the bakery know ahead of time as many cakes contain milk products. By following these guidelines, you are sure to get a delicious cake that feeds all your friends and family!

Can I Make A Cake At Home That Will Feed 50 People?

Making a cake to feed 50 people at home is possible with the right baking tips and recipes. It’s important to consider how much batter you’ll need for such a large quantity of servings, as well as what type of pan or pans you’ll need to bake it in. A good rule of thumb when making cakes at home is that one box mix will yield 24 cupcakes, while two boxes make enough batter for a 9×13 inch sheet cake which can serve 48-50 people. With some careful planning and attention to detail, homemade cakes can be just as delicious as store bought ones!

How Many Slices Of Cake Do I Need To Serve 50 People?

When it comes to cake portioning, the number of servings you will need depends on how large or small your slices are. Generally speaking, if you are working with a standard 8-inch round cake, each slice should be about one inch thick and can easily feed 50 people. Therefore, for this size cake, you would need to cut it into 50 equal slices in order to serve all of your guests.

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What Type Of Cake Is Best For A Large Group Of People?

When it comes to serving a large group of people, the type of cake you choose is just as important as the number of slices. The best cakes for groups are those that can be easily cut and served with minimal effort. Classic sheet cakes made from light ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, eggs and milk are a great option because they offer enough servings without taking up too much space on your plate or table. Additionally, you’ll need less time to cut these types of cakes into even portions using standard serving utensils.


I know it can be daunting to plan for a large group, especially when it comes to cake. But with the right amount of planning and preparation, you’ll have no problem finding an affordable cake that will feed 50 people. It’s important to consider how many slices of cake you need as well as what type of cake is best suited for your guests’ taste buds. By doing this in advance, you can make sure everyone is happy!

No matter what size or flavor of cake you choose, it’s always wise to order ahead so there won’t be any surprises on the day of your event. With the right preparations, I’m sure you’ll find a delicious way to celebrate with those closest to you.