What To Do With Cake Scraps

Have you ever found yourself with leftover cake scraps and not sure what to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll discuss different ways of repurposing those tasty morsels so they don’t go to waste. Whether it’s an amazing milkshake or a deliciously creative ice cream sundae topping, there are plenty of fun options for turning your leftovers into something special. Let’s get started!

Cake Milkshake

Cake scraps don’t have to go to waste! With a few simple ingredients, you can create delicious and unique desserts. One great way to use up leftover cake is by making a cake milkshake. This decadent treat combines pieces of your favorite cake with ice cream or frozen yogurt for an indulgent shake that’s sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. To kick it up a notch, add some mix-ins like chopped nuts or chocolate chips.

You can also repurpose the extra bits of cake into muffins and smoothies. For muffins, simply break the leftovers into small chunks and incorporate them into your favorite batter recipe. Or blend together crumbled cake, milk, yogurt, and fruit for a nutritious breakfast drink that will help start your day off right.

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No matter how you choose to enjoy your leftover treats, one thing’s certain: no more tossing out stale slices of cake ever again!

Cake Pops

One way to make use of leftover cake scraps is by making cake pops. Cake pops are essentially small balls of moist and delicious cake, often held together with a type of glaze or icing. Simply crumble the cake into fine crumbs, then mix in some buttercream frosting until it becomes dough-like in consistency. Once this mixture has been made, you can shape it into small spheres and place them onto sticks for easy eating. Add an extra layer of chocolate or other sweet coatings if desired!

Another creative idea for using up those leftover cakes is creating cake pizzas. Instead of discarding the leftovers, transform them into bite sized mini pizza treats. Start by flattening out the cake scraps and shaping them as circular discs that resemble regular pizza bases. Layer these ‘pizza crusts’ with all your favorite toppings such as cream cheese, peanut butter chips, marshmallows, sprinkles – whatever takes your fancy! Bake these individual pieces at low heat until they become golden brown and crispy on the outside while still maintaining their soft texture on the inside.

Finally, why not whip up some cookie dough? This recipe combines both cookies and cake so there’s something for everyone! Begin by crushing any remaining pieces ofcakeinto fine crumbs before mixing in melted butter and sugar until combined. Next add flour to form a thick doughy batter which can be shaped according to preference – either spread over a baking tray or rolled into balls depending on what kind of cookie you’d like to create. Finally bake in the oven until golden brown – no matter how you decide to present your creation, it’ll surely delight family members or guests alike!

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Cake Crumble

Ah, cake scraps. What to do with them? If you’re feeling creative, there are plenty of delicious options! For example, why not turn your leftover cake into something new and tasty like cake truffles or cookie crumble?

Cake truffles are a great way to use up those crumbs – simply combine the leftovers from your cakes with melted chocolate and shape into bite-sized balls. Once rolled in cocoa powder, icing sugar or sprinkles they make for an indulgent treat that everyone will love. Plus, since it only takes about 15 minutes to whip up a batch of these little delights, you can easily have yourself some freshly made cake truffles any time you want!

And if cookies are more your thing then why not try making some cookie crumble out of your leftover cake pieces? Simply break up the scraps into small chunks, spread them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake until golden brown. Then top off whatever dessert you’d like (ice cream perhaps?) with this crispy sweet treat. Deliciously simple!

So next time you find yourself faced with excess cake scraps don’t despair – just get creative and see what kind of yummy treats you can come up with!

Ice Cream Topping

Don’t throw away those leftover cake scraps! You can easily turn them into a delicious ice cream topping. Whether you’re making cookie sandwiches, cookie bark, or just want something to add some extra flair to your favorite dessert, this is the perfect way to get creative and have fun with food.

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Start by breaking up the remaining cake pieces into small chunks. Place the crumbs in a bowl and set aside. Then melt your favorite type of chocolate chips – dark, semi-sweet, white – whatever suits your fancy. Once it’s melted, mix it together with the cake crumbles until all the bits are evenly covered in chocolate. If you’d like an added crunchy texture, toss in some nuts or sprinkles to the mixture before freezing it overnight.

Once frozen and hardened, break off chunks of this tasty treat and enjoy as an ice cream topping on its own or combined with other ingredients such as caramel sauce or marshmallow fluff for more decadent desserts. No matter how you use it, these scrumptious little bites will be sure to delight every time!

Baked Donuts

Baked donuts are the perfect way to use up leftover cake scraps. With a few simple ingredients, you can make delicious cake-filled donuts that everyone will love. Start by breaking your cake scraps into small pieces and adding them to a bowl with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter. Mix this together until it forms a thick dough. Roll out the dough on a floured surface and cut out round shapes using a cookie cutter or glass cup. Place the rounds onto greased baking sheets and bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once fully cooked, let cool before glazing with melted chocolate or vanilla icing. For an extra special treat, create two different flavors of donut glaze – one made from semi-sweet chocolate chips and another from white vanilla chips – then dip each cooled donut halfway in each flavor for a unique combination of tastes! Sprinkle some shredded coconut flakes overtop if desired for added texture and sweetness.

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These tasty treats are sure to be enjoyed by all ages – enjoy as part of breakfast or brunch spread or pack them in lunch boxes for school days ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Freeze Cake Scraps?

Re-freezing cake scraps is generally considered safe. It’s a great way to save any leftover crumb topping for later use, or even just so you don’t need to throw away the extra pieces of cake not used in your recipe. However, keep in mind that this should only be done with fresh and moist cakes as dry cakes can become chewy when re-frozen. When storing frozen cake scraps it’s also important to make sure they’re wrapped securely so they don’t absorb moisture or odors from other items stored around them.

How Long Can Cake Scraps Stay Fresh?

When it comes to using leftovers, cake scraps can stay fresh for up to two days when stored in the refrigerator. To extend their shelf life, you can add frosting and/or re-use the crumbs in other recipes such as muffins or cookies. Additionally, if you freeze them they will last much longer – up to three months – but keep in mind that freezing may affect the texture of your cake.

What Ingredients Should I Use To Make A Cake Milkshake?

Making a cake milkshake is easy and can be done in minutes! Start with a basic vanilla or chocolate cake mix, adding some variations of icing to taste. You can also add other ingredients like ice cream, milk, sugar, cocoa powder, fruits and more to find the perfect flavor combination for your tastes. Experimentation is key when it comes to creating delicious new shakes – so have fun and enjoy!

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Can I Use Cake Scraps For A Cake Pop Filling?

Yes, you can definitely use cake scraps for a cake pop filling! You could mix them together with some cupcake icing to make it even more delicious. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add in some left over cake doughnut and create a unique flavor? Cake pops are a great way to use up any leftover bits of cakes that don’t look their best anymore.

What Is The Best Way To Store Cake Scraps?

Reusing cake scraps is not only a great way to reduce food waste, but can also be used for many things such as cake decoration. The best way to store any leftover scraps from a freshly-baked cake is in an airtight container and placed inside the fridge or freezer. Doing this will help keep your scraps fresh, ensuring they’re ready when you need them again. By storing your cake scraps properly, you can reuse them over and over – either for another baking project or just for decorations!


When it comes to cake scraps, there are plenty of options for what to do with them. It’s safe to freeze the leftovers and they can stay fresh for up to a week. To make a delicious milkshake, use your favorite ingredients like ice cream, milk, and fruit. Cake pops can also be made using the leftover crumbles as fillings. The best way to store cake scraps is in an airtight container so they keep their moisture and don’t dry out. Ultimately, you have many possibilities when it comes to dealing with cake scraps – from freezing and storing them, to creating new desserts!

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