When Does Whole Cake Island Start

The Whole Cake Island arc of the popular manga series “One Piece” has been highly anticipated by fans for months. It’s finally here, and readers are clamoring to find out when it will start. To answer this question, one must turn to the official sources that have released information about the upcoming storyline. In this article, we’ll explore the dates surrounding when Whole Cake Island is scheduled to begin in One Piece.

This exciting new arc promises lots of action and adventure as Luffy and his crew venture into a dangerous part of the world known as Whole Cake Island. Fans can expect plenty of twists and turns along they way as they join their favorite Straw Hat pirates on another epic journey!

Release Date Information

Whole Cake Island, the much-anticipated arc in the One Piece manga series, first began its run on June 26th 2017. This highly popular story has been surrounded by fan speculation ever since it was announced as part of the original concept for Eiichiro Oda’s beloved pirate epic.

The start of this arc marks a new chapter in Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates’ journey to find the hidden treasure of One Piece and become Pirate King. After leaving Dressrosa, they dock at Whole Cake Island which is ruled by Big Mom and her crew of powerful pirates – making them their latest adversaries.

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This is when Luffy and his crew must face off against one of the Four Emperors of the Sea: Charlotte Linlin who possesses immense strength and authority over sea creatures. With enemies like these standing in their way, our heroes have no choice but to fight with all their might if they are to reach their goal!

Plot Overview

The Whole Cake Island Arc starts when Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates journey to the Whole Cake Island in order to rescue Sanji from a wedding arranged by Big Mom. The arc follows Luffy as he faces off against Big Mom and her crew of powerful pirates in order to save his friend. Things get complicated when Big Mom starts to go on a rampage, forcing Luffy and his crew to come up with a plan to take her down. Eventually, Luffy and Big Mom face off in an epic battle that will decide the fate of the island.

Whole Cake Island Arc

The Whole Cake Island Arc is an exciting and entertaining arc in the One Piece series. It starts with Luffy and his crew setting sail towards Wano Country, but through a series of misadventures, they end up on the mysterious island of Whole Cake Island instead! The geography of this island consists of 8 islands connected by bridges that form the shape of a cake – hence its name. On top of the main island lies Big Mom’s castle which serves as her domain. Luffy has come to this place for a daring plan: to rescue his brother Sanji from marrying Pudding, who turns out to be one of Big Mom’s daughters. With all these elements combined, it makes for some thrilling adventures ahead! All in all, the Whole Cake Island Arc promised plenty of captivating moments throughout its run time starting from episode 783 to 889.

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Luffy Vs Big Mom

The Whole Cake Island Arc really heats up when Luffy and Big Mom come face-to-face. Although Luffy’s goal is to save Sanji, Big Mom has other motives in mind – she wants the powerful poneglyphs that are hidden inside of him! This leads to an epic battle between Luffy and Big Mom, with both sides determined to win. Despite giving it his all, Luffy was no match for her overwhelming power. Thankfully, he manages to escape from the castle unscathed but unfortunately not before learning a devastating truth about Sanji’s fate. With the Straw Hats now aware of what lies ahead, they must prepare themselves for their next journey: Wano Country. The stakes have never been higher as the crew embarks on this dangerous mission to save one of their own.

Characters Involved

The world of Whole Cake Island is filled with colorful characters, each with their own unique arc. From the first mate to Big Mom’s children and many other pirates in between, there are plenty of interesting personalities waiting to be explored. It’s this world building that sets the stage for a truly captivating story–one that will beguile readers from start to finish.

The Straw Hat Pirates find themselves embroiled in an adventure they never expected when they arrive at Whole Cake Island. Each character faces new challenges as they confront the powerful forces on the island, and must rely upon one another if they want any hope for success. As loyalties are tested and enemies clash, these beloved characters show just how much heart and courage it takes to become true heroes.

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From its compelling cast of characters to its richly detailed setting, Whole Cake Island has something for everyone! With epic battles and lots of laughs along the way, this journey promises intrigue around every corner. And no matter what happens, you can always count on Luffy and his crew to save the day!

Details Of Whole Cake Island

After introducing the characters involved, it is time to take a closer look at Whole Cake Island itself. This mysterious place has an unmistakably dark and ominous atmosphere, one that leaves many viewers with plenty of unresolved questions. It first appears in Chapter 805 as part of the plotline for the Straw Hat Pirates’ new adventure through the New World. The island is described as being quite large, about 200 kilometers wide and full of mountains, forests and rivers. One of its most notable features is Big Mom’s castle which stands tall at the center of the island; from this imposing structure she governs her entire kingdom. In addition to this grandiose palace there are also numerous small towns scattered across the island where citizens live under Big Mom’s rule.

The inhabitants of Whole Cake Island appear to be mostly animals who have been given human characteristics by their ruler – cats, dogs and birds all seem to exist peacefully together here without any discrimination or prejudice between them. There are also several humans living on the island including Pekoms who serves as an envoy between Big Mom and other countries such as Zou. Despite these unusual inhabitants, no explanation has yet been provided as to why they have been granted special abilities or even how they manage to co-exist so harmoniously despite their differences.

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Whole Cake Island offers a unique environment that both captivates viewers while leaving them with more questions than answers. Its enigmatic aura clearly sets it apart from other places visited by Luffy and his crew previously during their journeys throughout the Grand Line seas – making it undoubtedly one of the most interesting locations thus far in their adventures!

The Impact Of Whole Cake Island On The Series

When Whole Cake Island arc began in the series, it marked a major shift in tone for One Piece. This dark and intense storyline offered an exciting change of pace for fans as they eagerly followed Luffy and his crew on their perilous journey. As the arcs progressed, exploring themes such as loyalty, trust, and betrayal, viewers became emotionally invested in the story’s outcome.

The stakes were high throughout this saga with plenty of unexpected moments that left fans shocked and thrilled at once. Though there was some confusion over certain plot points or character motivations, most agreed that overall the story had been well-crafted by creator Eiichiro Oda. The fan reaction to Whole Cake Island was overwhelmingly positive; many even argued that it is one of the best arcs within the entire franchise.

This captivating tale also introduced new characters whose backstories added depth to the narrative. These memorable additions helped to further flesh out aspects of existing characters too which made for a truly immersive viewing experience. From its gripping opening scene to its epic finale, Whole Cake Island cemented itself as one of One Piece’s greatest adventures yet!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Arcs Have Been Featured In The Series?

The One Piece series has featured many famous arcs over the years. Perhaps one of the most memorable is the Punk Hazard arc, where Luffy and his crew first encountered Trafalgar Law. The Dressrosa arc also proved to be quite popular, as it was here that fans were introduced to Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates. More recently, the Whole Cake Island arc has been a highlight for viewers, with its introduction of Big Mom and her powerful forces; however, this story is not complete yet! Additionally, there have been numerous other arcs throughout the course of the series such as Skypiea Arc, Marineford War Arc and Enies Lobby Arc which all feature unique storylines involving piracy and adventure. Finally, we can’t forget about the current ongoing storyline: The Wano Country/Piece Pirate Alliance arc!

Will There Be New Characters Introduced In The Whole Cake Island Arc?

The Whole Cake Island arc in the popular series One Piece will introduce viewers to mysterious villains and bizarre creatures. Fans of the series can look forward to meeting these new characters as they travel with Luffy on his journey, though their motives are still unknown. The arc is sure to be full of surprises and excitement, so fans should be prepared for an unforgettable adventure!

What Sort Of Challenges Will The Characters Face In The Whole Cake Island Arc?

The Whole Cake Island arc of the One Piece anime will challenge characters both physically and mentally. The Straw Hat Pirates must face off against powerful enemies–including a Big Mom Pirate crew member–as well as complete difficult cake recipes to advance in their journey. Furthermore, they’ll have to navigate strained crew dynamics while racing against time on this mission.

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Are There Any Other Arcs Planned For The Series After Whole Cake Island?

The Whole Cake Island arc is the current and most anticipated arc of the series, but there are other arcs planned to follow in its wake. After Whole Cake Island, fans can look forward to a pirate-themed arc where characters will be time traveling between different places within the story. This promises a dynamic adventure that viewers won’t want to miss!

How Will The Storyline Of Whole Cake Island Compare With Other Arcs In The Series?

The Whole Cake Island arc of One Piece is sure to be an exciting addition to the series. The unique plotlines and returning villains are sure to make it stand out from other arcs that have come before it. Fans can expect thrilling action scenes, unexpected twists, and a whole new level of excitement as the Straw Hat Pirates take on their next challenge!


In conclusion, the Whole Cake Island arc of One Piece promises to be a thrilling journey for all its fans. It’s set to feature new characters, challenging obstacles and an exciting storyline that will keep us on the edge of our seats. We can’t wait to see what this arc has in store for us! I’m sure it’ll be just as captivating as the arcs we’ve seen before, if not more so. Each character is going to face their own unique challenges and overcome them with courage and determination – something that makes this series truly special.